Skylink Automatic Swing Door Opener

The Skylink automatic swing door opener systems allow you to motorize any swing door to open with the push of a button. The Skylink automatic door opener is easy to install and is designed for use on interior doors of all sizes. It may be used on doors up to 42 inches wide and as heavy as 100 pounds. Use the swing door opener on residential doors, office doors and even public restroom doors.

North Shore Commercial Door is delighted to offer several Skylink automatic swing door openers to choose from including the Skylink DM 50, the Skylink DM 100 and the Skylink DM 150. Each of the models can be installed on most doors including metal and wood doors. In the event of a power outage, the doors can be opened and closed freely for additional safety. Each opener is equipped with 3 operating modes: Toggle, open/close and timer mode.

The Skylink swing door opener is perfect for a variety of uses. Install an opener on any door in your home or workplace to allow easy access for those in wheelchairs or install one on a public restroom door for sanitation purposes. Skylink door openers like the Skylink DM 50 swing door opener or the Skylink DM 100 swing door opener can be used anywhere that an automatic door would add convenience, sanitation or accessibility.

For more information on Skylink automatic swing door openers or to place an order, contact our sales team at or call 440-365-5707.