Sommer Garage Door Opener Photo Eye Set

Sommer Garage Door Opener Photo Eye Set

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Item# 7012V000
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Sommer Garage Door Opener Photo Eye Set
Sommer Garage Door Opener Photo Eye Set
Product Description
You can never be too safe when it comes to your garage. The Sommer garage door opener photo eye set from North Shore Commercial Door makes it possible to set up extra protection at home. Find out more about this great product in our Questions app below.

  • Compatible with Sommer Synoris 550N or 800N garage door opener models (item numbers 1040V000 and 1050V000)
  • Includes two wires (length 32' 9"), transmitter photo eye, receiver photo eye, left and right mounting brackets and an installation bag
  • Part number: 7012V000
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COMMENT: replace failed unit, one photo eye broke by Michael B 6/28/2017
COMMENT: replacement parts by Wesley K 6/9/2017
QUESTION: will this photo eye set work on a Synoris 550 compact ? by Rick O 8/3/2016
STAFF ANSWER: yes by Taylor M a
QUESTION: The door opens but reverses when going in the down direction. The green LED remains on but the red LED blinks sporadically so I believe the photo eyes are aligned. Is there a receiver LED problem? by Mike A 1/31/2016
ANSWER: Very similar to my issue. My transmitter eye is in the direct sun in late afternoon and, in time, was not powerful enough to get a beam across. I replaced the transmitter and is fixed for now. Also rigged a shade for that transmitter to keep the sun off it. I recommend replacing your photo eyes to fix your problem. by Mark S a
QUESTION: Hi - in normal mode, are bot the receiver and transmitter blinking? by None N 8/23/2013
STAFF ANSWER: No, the lights only blink when they are not in line. Thank you by Matthew O a
REPLY: No, only the receive red LED. by Mike A r