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SOMMER Direct Drive Synoris Telecody - GDO Wireless Keypad 4077V000 Replacement Kit

SOMMER Direct Drive Synoris Telecody -  GDO Wireless Keypad 4077V000 Replacement Kit
SOMMER Direct Drive Synoris Telecody -  GDO Wireless Keypad 4077V000 Replacement Kit
SOMMER Direct Drive Synoris Telecody -  GDO Wireless Keypad 4077V000 Replacement Kit
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SOMMER Direct Drive Synoris Telecody - GDO Wireless Keypad 4077V000 Replacement Kit
SOMMER Direct Drive Synoris Telecody -  GDO Wireless Keypad 4077V000 Replacement Kit
Product Description
If you want additional security when it comes to your Sommer Direct Drive Synoris garage door opener remote controller, consider using the Sommer Direct Drive Synoris Telecody wireless keypad Upgrade Kit. The original 315Mhz Model 4077V000 Keypad has been discontinued and replaced by the new 310Mhz Upgrade Kit. The upgrade kit will include The New 4079V000 Model Keypad and the 4798V000 Model Radio Receiver. You can open and close you garage door by using a personal identification number (PIN). This is an outstanding feature for those who use their garage as the primary home entrance. The keypad on this remote controller is illuminated and the controller can be mounted on an easy-to-install bracket. This controller operates on the 310MHz frequency and the unit is weather resistant with a long battery life of approximately 10 years. The battery on this controller can be replaced by the owner and this remote controller uses a lithium CR123A 3-volt battery. Set up and programming of this remote controller is very easy as is changing the access code to a more personal PIN number.
  • Operates up to 10 individual garage door openers
  • Weather resistant
  • Long battery life of approximately 10 years
  • 310MHz frequency
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: It is the only one that works with our garage door opener. North Shore has great reviews and is a Google Trusted Merchant. by Orville T 10/21/2016
COMMENT: Needed keypad entry for my child, and this is of the 315 drive that we have.<br />Love the quiet direct drive. by Pam D 7/7/2016
QUESTION: Does this keypad have a cover? If not, it's safe mounted on the outside of the garage? by Lauren H 1/20/2017
ANSWER: No. It has no cover but I was able to mount mine under a 2ft. overhang and the door faces EAST, out of prevailing winds. by casimir P a
ANSWER: There is no cover for the keypad. The keypad is designed to be water proof. I have not had any weather related problems with mine being located near the garage door. by Richard D a
QUESTION: how do i remove the remote from the saddle?? by Nicholas M 9/5/2016
ANSWER: Do not use the screw through the remote. If you do you will have to remove that screw when you want to slide the remote out of the cradle. by casimir P a
QUESTION: How do we get the key pad off? by Jeff W 5/25/2016
ANSWER: The 4th keypad from the bottom is the only one that comes off. Just lightly pry up.<br />Is this what you were looking for? by casimir P a
ANSWER: The two silver aluminum strips on the side in the main pic is really a U shaped holder that has holes to be drilled into your mounting surface. As shown on the two smaller picture to the left the mount is all silver and remote is all black you would simply pull up and it slides out. It sits very tight in the holder. by George M a
REPLY: Thank you! We have another question, out has a mind of its own lately, opening and closing on its own free will! How do we correct this? by Jeff W r
REPLY: Check remote battery and if it's good delete all remotes with a reset on the motor and reprogram. If it's doing it right away upon pressing a command your obstruction sensors are probably off. One of mine has a tendency to swivel and fall over but still pick up the one on the other side causing some unusual operation. The simmer head unit has led lights where the wires come advising you of each inputs operation whether it's sensors or the wall hardware remote. Rats can also chew on wires and bridge the 2 circuits causing contact and triggering operation ask me how I know. I ran new sensor wires down the back of the track and stapled to the wall down to the sensors after my issue. by George M r
ANSWER: I do not know what you mean! What do you call the key pad, and off of what? by Fabbie F a
QUESTION: I can't figure out how to change the battery??.....I can't get the front cover plate thingy off to get to the!! THANKS by Vicki P 8/10/2015
ANSWER: Pry one of the rubber keys out with a small screwdriver. I think it was the Number 7/8 key I had to remove to change my battery. Under the rubber key is a Phillips screw which releases the battery compartment. It is a pain . . . but I LOVE this garage opener. It is so quiet and strong. by Justin W a
ANSWER: in the middle of the key pad is a blank key. Pluck that out. You will then see the screw to remove and slide out the remote opener. by Robert J a
ANSWER: My model is a Sommer but looks different from the picture. On mine to get the sliding cover plate off I need to slide it open and then take one side of the sliding part and bend gently outward and twist it off. Then to put it back on align it bend it outward slightly and push till it snaps.<br />It should only require a very slight pressure if you're doing it right.<br />Then there are two screws that need to be removed to get the battery cover off. Hope this helps, it's difficult to explain if you haven't done it. by Dennis A a
ANSWER: The face of the pad has a blank button. Remove the blank and there is a screw holding the entire control in its holder. Remove the screw and slide the entire control up and out of the grey holder. Once out the battery compartment can be accessed. by Steven T a
ANSWER: REMOVE THE KEYPAD FROM THE WALL HOLDER<br />1. There is a flexible "cover" directly above the ESC button. Carefully pry it out with a flat screwdriver blade, first the right side, then the left. It pops out easily and reveals a screw.<br />2. Unscrew the single screw holding the keypad to the wall holder.<br />3. Slide the keypad up out of the wall holder.<br /><br />CHANGING THE BATTERY<br />1. There are 8 Phillips-head screws holding the back onto the keypad. Remove all 8 screws and carefully remove the back panel.<br />2. Pull the battery straight out and replace with a new one, observing the correct polarity.<br />3. The battery is a CR123A 3 volt battery. It's a standard battery but might take a little extra work to find. BatteriesPlus, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, a hardware store that carries good quality flashlights. Not expensive.<br />4. Reinstall the back cover, 8 screws, keypad into the wall holder, screw, and rubber cover.<br />5. Done! by Gary B a
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