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Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal

Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal
Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal
Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal
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Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal
Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal
Product Description
After years of receiving requests for this garage door bottom weather seal North Shore Commercial Door is proud to offer to the public for the first time in 10 years our Stanley replacement seal. This is a North Shore exclusive item. We found some old stock product and sent it out and had the tooling made to extrude this much needed product. Gone are the days of having to purchase expensive replacement kits because your seal was no longer available. We have included the specification drawings so you can purchase with peace of mind. The design is commonly referred to as the upside down triangle bulb seal. The top section that slides into the door track is shaped like a triangle. If you have any questions regarding this product or any of our products please feel free to contact us toll free @ 800-783-6112.


• Sold by the foot

• Triangle Bulb Seal

• 1 inch Bulb diameter

• Top of Seal that fits into door slot measures 1/4 inch wide. The base of that portion is about 1/8 inch.

• Made for Stanley Garage Doors

• Conforms to uneven floors

• Contact insures tight seal

• Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

• Installs quickly and easily in just minutes, Just slide out the old and Slide in the new (Pro Tip: use soapy water as lube for this step)

Stanley Garage Door Bottom Bulb WeatherSeal Diagram
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: It looks like the one on my door, good picture. by Bob R 10/6/2017
COMMENT: it's what I had to have to fit the door by Stephanie F 9/28/2017
QUESTION: How far does the bulb hang down from the bottom of the door ? I have a 1.25" space. to fill. by Larry M 11/30/2016
ANSWER: As shown, the bulb is teardrop shaped and about 1" in it's rounded shape and maybe about 1.25" if flattened. Mine is compressed to about .5" to fill my gap. by Jerry M a
ANSWER: The only measurement is the diameter of the bulb. The triangle part slides in the grove of the door and the diameter of the bulb is what hangs to seal the door. You will have to somehow heat the weather seal either by leaving it in the sun if hot or other means without damaging it. by Oscar L a
ANSWER: Once installed the bottom of the door to the bottom of the seal is 3/8" by D A a
ANSWER: Hi; I can tell you that on my door, it is compressed to about 3/4", but it's a tight seal. It is hollow, so maybe you could thread backing foam or door insulation inside it, to make it compress less. I'll also let you know that I had a hard time finding this particular seal, and North Shore Door really helped me out! Hope this helps you; good luck!! by John S a
ANSWER: I used this on my mothers door about two years ago, as I recall it was 1" actual sealing surface get at least another 1/4 ". by larry d a
ANSWER: Hi Larry, I think it will barely fill that space if your floor is even 1.25" all alone the door, but if there is less than<br />1.25" in some places, the bulb may follow that gap and may not cover the space.<br />I hope this will help.<br />N. Otazu by Nestor O a
QUESTION: will this seal fit a old Stanley steal door about 1986 ? by None N 11/9/2015
ANSWER: Yes it does, the way I decided to buy it was to remove the old seal and compare visually. The only problem I have found with mine it that it is very very flimsy. Do not let your door slam shut it will mash to nearly nothing. by Jon H a
ANSWER: No it did not fit by Joseph F a
STAFF ANSWER: If your old seal looks like this with the upside down triagle this is the seal you will need. by Taylor M a
ANSWER: I believe so, but: it is much thinner than my original seal. It is also the ONLY replacement I could find for mine. It has only recently become available. The bottom of my old Stanley door has a groove that is at a slanted angle, and my strp was shaped a little different, but this should work for you. When I first ordered one from this company last year, I got the wrong one. They were great about helping me. Good luck! by Donna M a
ANSWER: My door was installed around June 1987 and it worked perfect. I just replaced mine this year. by George T a
ANSWER: we just installed the seal on a Garage door for a house built in 1982. We do not have the exact date of model of the door. We cut a section from the previous seal and used it to compare to the drawings for the available seals. If you choose to do it, think seriously about a cleanout process for the groove on the bottom of the door and use plenty of lubricant in the groove that is compatible with the seal material. It takes a lot of pushing and shoving to get the seal to slide into the grove.<br />KK by Karl K a
QUESTION: Are all two car garage doors the same size? If so about how much of this would I need. by Josephine P 10/15/2015
STAFF ANSWER: 2 car garages measures anywhere from 16'-18' I would order 19' Just to make sure. Best way to determine the size of the door is measuring with a tape measure. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How to install? by None N 9/24/2015
ANSWER: I was able to slide it in from one side. However, I believe that I need a slightly different style from the one I bought, because it is not quite snug enough. I think there are different styles for Stanley, so I would recommend being sure before you buy. by Dennis S a
ANSWER: It was pretty simple; I did use a lithium spray lubricant on mine, because the bottom of my door was a little bent. I also had to LOOSEN NOT REMOVE a bracket at one end, and slide it up and out of the way, to feed the seal into the groove. Once I got it started, it slid in fairly easy. I did have to work it back and forth a few times, to get it to slide all the way to the other end. BTW: The bracket holds the cable and spring in place to assist the door when opening so I was pretty sure I didn't want to remove it. Once I fed it all in, I had to cut about a 4" piece off of the end, flush to the end of the door. by John S a
ANSWER: If you have a Stanley door, after removing the old weather seal you slide the new one into the channel from one of the ends and keep pulling across to the other end and trim any excess. by Jerry M a
ANSWER: I have not installed mine yet, but the way I'm planning to do it is by first removing the old one by pulling it down from its channel, then clean out the channel with a brush and make sure it is straight and not damaged. After that is done, spray soapy water along the channel and starting on one end, push in the new weatherseal.<br />I hope this helps. by Nestor O a
ANSWER: Clean out the grove it fits into lube with WD 40 slide in from one end to the other cut off the extra. by John W a
STAFF ANSWER: You should have track that this seal will just slide into. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: It just slides in the dovetail groove on the door. They say this is a replacement for the stanley original seal but I think it is a lot thinner material than the original. I'm not too happy with it. by Gregory M a
REPLY: When you said "it is a lot thinner material than the original," did you mean the overall diameter or circumference of the loop? If so, then I agree. Plus I wish the color were black. This one left at least a quarter inch gap; now I need to get a threshold seal. by William N r