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Stanley Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal

Stanley Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
Stanley Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
Stanley Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
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Stanley Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
Stanley Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal
Product Description
Stanley garage door bottom seals are an important feature on Stanley branded garage doors and North Shore Commercial Door Co. has these weather seals in stock. You must make sure the V portion of the old seal is the same dimension of the seal sold by North Shore.

The advantages of using this seals is that it stays soft and flexible to temperatures to 65 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, it conform to uneven floors reducing heating loss and the Stanley garage door seal can be installed quickly and easily. This seal is usually used on Stanley one piece doors but can be used on standard sectional doors as well. North Shore Commercial Doors sells these seals by the foot so when ordering, you will need to specify the number of feet that you are purchasing.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Stays soft and flexible to -65°F

• Conforms to uneven floors

• Contact insures tight seal

• Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

• Installs quickly and easily in just minutes
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COMMENT: Looks like the exact seal for my old stanley garage doors by Paul C 8/7/2017
COMMENT: stanley door by Harvey B 6/26/2017
QUESTION: what is the width of the v portion of this seal? by None N 4/23/2017
STAFF ANSWER: 2 3/16 '' by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a hard time replacing the bottom seal - very hard to feed it back into the rail. Any suggestions? Thanks, Heidi by Heidi B 7/7/2016
ANSWER: I had trouble as well at first. Suggest you use a wire brush to scrape away and smooth the leading edge of the channel , then apply WD-40 to lubricate the spot where you are working. Use the flat edge of a screwdriver and gently tap the leading edge of the seal into the channel of your door. It took me a while to work across the whole door but as long as you keep spraying the lubricant you should be able to do it without too much trouble by David S a
ANSWER: dear Heidi,<br />When I changed my bottom seal on my 35 year old stanley gargage door I had to "tuck" it in the whole length of the door a 1/4" at a time. I had to do it this way because the seal wouldn't just slide in from one end or the other. Either it was because there was too much rust in the track or because the seal isn't supposed to be just slide in it's track. I used a wide screwdriver to push tuck the seal into it's track at a rate of a 1/4 inch at a time. It took about 2 hrs. to do it. Whew! But once it was all tucked in it looked great! Oh Heidi I also used a little lubricant in the track ahead of time to help make it easier to tuck the seal in. I think I used WD-40. Good luck! by christopher G a
ANSWER: My Stanley door was installed in 1975. Being steel there was an expected amount of rust in the groove when the original gasket was removed. This can be removed using a steel bristle wire brush, followed by a liberal application of silicon lubricant into the groove. Additionally the replacement gasket has a slightly different cross section that makes it harder to collapse when inserting it into the door groove. A razor or utility knife can be used to cut through the top of the gasket into the void at the bottom of the 'V' allowing it to compress during installation. It may not be necessary to do this on your door. I suggest trying the this technique on a small section of leftover gasket first. by Donald T a
ANSWER: spray any type of lubricant on it by gerald g a
ANSWER: Do not make a seal to replace Stanley door-I have new seal but cannot install it either-I am going to try and cut edges on both sides to see if it will fit. by CHAS E a
ANSWER: I Used a little soapy water to help force the item into the slot. You can't slide it in ...use a rounded tool to push it into the slot by James H a
ANSWER: I used a putty knife and a little Vaseline and just push it in I also tried the slide method but no success. Took about 15 min. on a single door by Paul W a
QUESTION: looking forsp1866 stanley is this the same? by None N 1/24/2016
ANSWER: I don't think it is the right seal. This seal slides in a small square channel 1/4"x1/4" I think your seal is held in place by a BAR of some sorts. Check your seal and see if it was slide in a channel. If your old seal is held on by any kind of metal strip, this is NOT the sear for you. by christopher G a
ANSWER: Can't say if that is the specific part number, but I used this same item on my Stanley door this past summer 2015 and it worked perfectly, although it takes some effort to jam the leading edge into the slot on the bottom of the garage door . I used a screwdriver and WD-40 to lever it in, and the result is a nice tight seal by David S a
ANSWER: Not familiar with 'forsp 1866' but do have an old Stanley garage door. The bottom weather seal I purchased, a year ago, was somewhat thicker than original. Making it necessary to install seal one inch at s time with a screwdriver. Other than installation issues, I am satisfied. by Richard G a
ANSWER: YES! by Robert K a
ANSWER: Yes it fir perfectly and was easily installed by Emma N a
ANSWER: The replacement seal did not fit in the channel on the bottom of my Stanley garage door. by Cordell W a
QUESTION: Can you use this inside to keep drafts out of your garage?? Do you carry in Black?? What do you do about the outside part??? by Manuel A 11/3/2014
ANSWER: Assuming that you have a Stanley door, there is a retainer rail in the bottom of the door that the top of the weatherstrip slides into. It is a tight fit. The width of the material is sufficient to cover a fairly large gap to make a mouse and rain proof seal. The weatherstrip laps to the outside of the door so any driven moisture does not seep in.<br />I believe that it only comes in gray color.<br />Hope this helps. by Larry Z a
STAFF ANSWER: If you are referring to the bottom of the garage door it may be best for you to use the universal kit we offer. by Matthew O a