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Strip Doors

Strip Doors

North Shore Commercial Door offers a wide range of strip curtains and strip doors for your business facility or commercial garage. Our flexible strip doors are made of rugged PVC vinyl. The durability of this product is unmatched; it's the perfect fit in a number of applications that don't require a fixed door. They reduce noise, dust, fumes and drafts while conserving energy. They're for ideal for loading docks, interior plant passages, freezers and personnel doorways. They can be also be used for industrial garage applications.

Our strip doors and curtains come in a see-through material and they're available in seven sizes. Those sizes - alone or in combination - are perfect for food service, manufacturing, agricultural, pharmaceutical, clean room, data centers and distribution facilities. We ship our strip doors and curtains with all the hardware you'll need to mount them wherever you please. We quick ship from North Carolina, and our prices are the best you'll find on the Internet.

Commercial Door Strip Curtains

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a strip curtain?

Strip curtains allow you to create a door where you don't have one. Install strip curtains from North Shore Commercial Door inside businesses or commercial garages. Tour garage door curtains are popular choices for loading docks, interior passageways inside plants and industrial garages, and for use in worker doorways.

Because they reduce noise, dust, fumes and hot or cold drafts, they're energy-conserving choices as strip curtains or strip doors for pharmaceutical or agriculture settings. You will find these strip curtain doors in use in clean rooms, distribution facilities and data centers equipped with sensitive computer equipment.

What materials are strip curtains made of?

Our see-through strip curtains are made of durable PVC vinyl. Our commercial vinyl strip door curtains include pre-cut strips, which means you won't have to cut to fit your strips. Also included is installation hardware for fast, secure installation.

These strip curtains are made of see-through vinyl to ensure safety and visibility in high traffic business, commercial and industry settings. We also carry replacement door strips in economically priced bulk rolls. Built-in UV protection prevents yellowing.

Our vinyl strips meet CPAI-84 and California State fire marshal rules for flame resistance. They meet USDA and FDA requirements.

How do I install a strip door?

Use your installation hardware to mount the strips to the top of your door. We suggest allowing the strips to hang in place for at least a day. This "settling" process will allow you to better determine if you need to trim the bottom of the strips for the best fit and even look.

How do I install a strip curtain?

Determine where you want your strip curtain to be installed, and then follow the instructions that come with your strip curtain set. Use your 14-gauge galvanized steel mounting hardware, which includes bolts pre-studded in brackets. Mount to the inside header of your door's frame or to a wall. See our strip curtain product manuals for more information.