Stingray Garage and Gate Remotes

Transmitter Solutions Stingray garage door remotes are designed to work better and last longer than other garage door remotes on the market. They are made to solve common problems that exist with other models and their unique style makes them as attractive as they are effective. Stingray transmitter remotes come in 1 and 2-button styles so you can operate multiple opening mechanisms. The 2-button style is ideal for homes with multiple garage bays or for people with multiple homes and multiple garages. The remotes are designed to fit on a car visor and their slim profile makes them unobtrusive for safer driving conditions.

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In addition to garage door openers, Stingray remotes may also be used for opening gates. Stingray gate openers have the same size and shape as a garage door opener, but are designed for use with gates rather than garage door openers. Each remote comes with a visor clip and a long life 12V battery.

North Shore Commercial Door offers a variety of Stingray remote controls to choose from. If you need help picking the right remote for your needs, or if you don't see the remote that you're looking for, call our sales team at 440-365-5707 or email them at If the part is available, we can get it! In addition to knowledgeable sales people, we also offer a huge inventory, same day shipping, the best prices on the net and free technical support. Order now and enjoy the convenience of a Stingray transmitter remote.