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Transmitter Solutions

Transmitter Solutions
Quality, Compatibility, and affordability, right at your fingertips.

QUALITY: Transmitter Solutions products are designed to last longer and work better than anything on the market. Inside and out, they're designed to solve the problems that often occur with other models.

For example, our key chain models were designed so they won't break right where the key attaches- a common problem with other brands. Our visor models have a slimmer design, which eliminates bulk and allows car visors to close completely. In addition, each transmitter has been desighned with the latest technology, providing greater range and more reliable use. And we back that claim with a two-year warranty.

COMPATIBILITY: Every transmitter we sell, whether it's a dip switch Firefly or Stinger or our programmable models Stingray and Monarch, is designed for absolute compatibility with designated recivers. We've matched our products for the wireless technology used, frequency, and number of buttons, so you'll find exactly what you need.

AFFORDABILITY: The best part is that all of this comes at a better price. Because we focus strictly on automated gate and garage door solutions,we're able to provide superior products for lower cost - averaging 20% less than our competitors. Think of it as upgrading your transmitters but paying less!!

Transmitter Solutions Smart
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EIS-Entry 1 Audio GSM phone unit
Save $274.61!
EIS-Entry 2 Audio GSM Phone Unit
Save $285.71!
EIS-Entry 4 Audio GSM Phone Unit
Save $323.81!
EIS-Entry 40 Audio GSM Door Entry Unit
Save $371.43!
EIS-Entry LCD 200 Audio GSM Door Entry Unit
Save $460.31!
EIS-Entry LCD 1000 Audio GSM Door Entry Unit
Save $512.70!