Ultra Rubber Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Plugs

Ultra Rubber Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Plugs
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Ultra Rubber Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Plugs
Ultra Rubber Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Plugs
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is the authority on garage parts large or small. Many home and business owners come to us to purchase weather seals. Weather seals can be useful in reducing heating costs and keeping your garage and its contents in great shape. In addition to weather seals, we also offer the small necessities to go along with a weather seal. That's why we carry Ultra Rubber Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Plugs. These plugs are used at each end of an installed rubber strip. When purchasing a rubber weather seal, two plugs usually come standard. There are situations in which our customers will need more plugs and we are happy to provide them. These plugs are only usable on rubber bottom seals and come in pairs. At North Shore Commercial Door, we take pride in providing our customers with all the items they need to improve or maintain their garage. In business for over 35 years, our customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and will ship internationally. When you're in need of Ultra Rubber Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Plugs or anything garage-related, we're your one-stop shop.
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COMMENT: I felt this would help support my new rubber weather seal. by Don A 10/6/2017
COMMENT: Just thought I would give it a try by Gary B 10/4/2017
QUESTION: Do they go into the ends of the bottom seal? by None N 6/17/2014
ANSWER: yes. The seal comes with a set of plugs so make sure you don't get duplicates like I did. by Ryland R a
QUESTION: How many plugs will I get for 28 feet of ultra t-end seal? I have 3 nine foot doors so I will need 6 plugs do I have to buy them as a add on or are they included?<br />Thanks!! Jan 06, 2014 by Robert P 1/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You will need to specify in your quantity. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: What are the purpose of these plugs? by Dale S 12/15/2013
STAFF ANSWER: THey plug the ends of the Ultra Rubber bottom seal. Not required for use of the ultra seal. They are an accessory ,essentially. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this for 1 plug or for 1 PAIR? by Mark W 12/13/2013
STAFF ANSWER: This is for 1 Plug. by Matthew O a