Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad

Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad
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Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad
Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad
Product Description
Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad

Compatible with:








Works with dip switch and "learn" mode devices

Easy to program

Simple to install

Battery operated (included)

Multi frequency

4-digit security codes

1 year warranty
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COMMENT: Best addition I ever made. All of us can easily access the house without a remote. This would be $100-$200 if I got it from the local Overhead door distributor. It works on 390 or 399. Have not replaced the battery since purchased in May 2011. by T B 2/22/2016
COMMENT: looked usefull and i need one by joseph c 7/2/2015
QUESTION: are you able to use multiple pin numbers? by None N 9/23/2016
QUESTION: Will this replace the 976 liftmaster wireless keypad? My garge door opener has a red program button. by Richad L 8/23/2016
STAFF ANSWER: You will want the 877 Max. by Taylor M a
REPLY: Thanks for the reply, I just had my springs replaced and the tech had a 877 but said they only work with the purple button units, mine is a bit older and has a red button, I'm finding it difficult to replace the 976 by Richad L r
REPLY: Was hoping to get a response to my earlier reply so I can purchase a new keypad thanks. by Richad L r
QUESTION: I have a C H I opener 300mhz, will ur keypad work with this motor ? by tony d 12/31/2015
ANSWER: Sorry, I am not familiar with your model. The motor is not the issue - it's the transmitter frequencies. My door works with the MultiCode opener. Using this opener I was able to program the dip switches to work with it. I had success calling a tech guy in the service Dept who helped me more than the manual. Try a phone call! by Steve F a
STAFF ANSWER: Compatible with:<br /><br />Multicode<br /><br />LiftMaster<br /><br />Linear<br /><br />Genie<br /><br />Moore-O-Matic<br /><br />Allstar/Pulsar/Allister by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will it work with a mag lock system? I am looking to replace the same one but wanted to make sure it works the same as you advertise it as a garage door opener by will t 10/3/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What is your current key pad? by Matthew O a