LiftMaster Universal Radio Controls - Residential

LiftMaster universal radio controls are great for residences where multiple people share a garage. North Shore Commercial Door offers universal radio controls that match all existing models of Chamberlain LiftMaster receivers. These receivers can respond to many codes. Many of the commercial units can store up to 25 different remote codes, which makes it great for shared garages and the remotes come in varieties with different numbers of buttons for everyone's convenience. Having a safe and secure garage can give you safety and comfort. Make sure your belongings are safe and that everyone can get their belongings when they need it. Like many LiftMaster products, these were built with your convenience in mind.

Order replacement kits or brand-new devices from North Shore Commercial Door. Keep your property behind a tight seal or allow your condominium tenants to all enter with their own remotes. Certain LiftMaster receivers come with rolling code technology that makes it nearly impossible for intruders to break into the garage with their own remotes.