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USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button

USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button
USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button
USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button
USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button
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USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button
USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door searches high and low to find our customers the best deals on high quality products. We are proud to announce that we now has the USAutomatic 030215 Wireless Push Button. Our warehouse is fully stocked and ready to send these units out to our customers! USAutomatic has some of the most innovative products in the gate industry, and has been leading the gate industry for the last 15 years. So when they come out with a product you know it has to be good.

This product is designed for outdoor wireless installation. The intended function of this product is to be installed for use on a gate or garage door. The button is pressure sensitive and emits an audible tone when activated, signaling activation of the device.

The Sentry Push to Operate button operates using a frequency of 433 MHz. If you intend to use this product on your garage door, then the Sentry garage door receiver PN 030209 is required. Programming this product is identical to transmitter programming. Mounting hardware and lithium battery included.

Product Highlights:

- Installation hardware included

- Runs on 433Mz

- Compatible with garage door receiver #030215

- For use on either a gate or garage (Garage door needs Receiver #030214)
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COMMENT: hidden opener that allows you to open gate without opening the black box by Darrell H 3/24/2015
COMMENT: Needed after purchase of gate system by Darren W 12/31/2014
QUESTION: I want to install a push button for when people leave. To exit there is a sensor but it keeps acting up and would feel more comfortable with a button sensor. How easy is it to install and how well does it work? by None N 6/27/2013
ANSWER: Hello shopper,<br /><br />I installed this Wireless Push Button transmitter for basically the same reason as you expressed. I had been bringing one of our vehicle transmitters into our home to use for the same purpose. The distance from our living room window to our gate is about 100 yards and right at the ragged edge of our vehicle transmitter's ability to open the gate.<br /><br />The Wireless Push Button sends a stronger signal down to the gate than the vehicle transmitters. Mounting the Wireless Button couldn't be any easier. A cardboard template is included, as are screws and drywall anchors. I ended up not using the template, but rather simply placed the unit against the wall with the cover removed and drilled pilot holes into wood paneling through the screw holes using the proper size drill. Before mounting the Push Button, you will need to follow the instructions that came with your gate circuit board to pair it - a simple procedure.<br /><br />The cover of the unit does not utilize a push button as such, rather it senses your hand on the cover. It has given us great service and has no trouble operating the gate through our living room wall.<br /><br />Thank you for the question and I hope my answer has helped with your decision. by C/O R a
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