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Wayne Dalton 220315 Challenger Wizard P1012 Gear Sprocket

Wayne Dalton 220315 Challenger Wizard P1012 Gear Sprocket
Wayne Dalton 220315 Challenger Wizard P1012 Gear Sprocket
Wayne Dalton 220315 Challenger Wizard P1012 Gear Sprocket
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This item is discontinued.
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Sommer Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1042V001
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
At North Shore Commercial Door, we're proud to carry the Wayne Dalton P1012 gear sprocket assembly. The Wayne Dalton 220315 Challenger Wizard P10102 gear sprocket assembly includes bushing lube and is designed for Challenger, Amarr and Wayne Dalton Wizard garage door openers. The Wayne Dalton P1012 gear sprocket assembly is compatible with:
  • Amarr 1000
  • 1500 Challenger
  • H-1000
  • 9300
  • 9500
  • 9300M
  • 9500
  • Allstar Challenger 9300
  • 9500 Challenger GLE
  • SE Wayne-Dalton Wizard 2113 and 2115
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COMMENT: I chose North Shore because my computer wouldn't let me order from other companies. by JERRY R 7/9/2017
COMMENT: Bought items from you before. It's always just like I ordered and on time by gary t 6/27/2017
QUESTION: Does it come with any lube or grease? by Ck W 4/5/2015
STAFF ANSWER: no it does not. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Hi all, what's the diameter of this gear? I'm looking for one that has a diameter of 10" by None N 4/4/2015
QUESTION: I have a Quantum garage door opener that needs a gear sprocket. The model is 3000 and the series is 3312 and 3313. Would this work as a replacement part for the main gear sprocket? by None N 8/18/2014
QUESTION: Is this the part that moves the chain to raise the garage door? My door goes down using the remote, but won't raise unless I help it by pulling up on the door. Everything sounds like it's working...the door just won't go up.<br />Thanks for any info, by Carol H 10/22/2013
ANSWER: I would check spring or spring tension ,release door from opener by pulling cord ,door should easily go up using hands by R M a
ANSWER: Yes this gear is the main gear for the chain. Both up and down by D A a
ANSWER: Our garage door would not go up or down but the chain would stll move. The teeth on the sprocket. Were completely worn down. The new part fixed the problem, but we also had to adjust the tension on the chain. Over time it can get loose. You may have to do the same. The tension adjustment is on the spring side. I hope this helps. by P K a
REPLY: Thanks P. Good to know. Now I just need to get inside this thing to find these parts. It just happened this afternoon and I've been hesitant since I have no experience with this and haven't found a manual online yet. by Carol H r
ANSWER: The gear sprocket drives the chain, but if the teeth on the sprocket are stripped you would probably hear a grinding noise. It sounds like the drive belt between the motor and the pulley may be slipping which is why you have to help the door go up. I would check the belt as the motor is running to determine if that's the case.<br />Good luck. by R C a
REPLY: Thanks R, guess I'll have to get this thing apart to see inside. Not sure I'll be able to see the pulley while there is still electricity to it though. Am a little afraid opening things up with the power still on. by Carol H r
REPLY: hi carol, unplug the unit, and by taking the cover off<br />you will be able to see the motor and the pulley. Plug the unit back in and push the remote while you look up at the unit to see if the belt is slipping. the sprocket is at the very top of the door opener and you cannot see it or get to it without taking the opener down. unless the ceiling is high enough above the opener . by R C r
REPLY: Thanks for your was very informative. After taking a few hours to get this thing apart I decided it wasn't worth the hassle for a 20 year old opener. Just bought a new one! <br />Again, thanks for all your help. by Carol H r