Direct Replacment Kit # 7575 Gear and Sprocket Kit $25.00ea

Direct Replacment Kit # 7575 Gear and Sprocket Kit $25.00ea

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Liftmaster 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket AssemblyLiftmaster 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket Assembly
This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
Liftmaster 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket Assembly
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry a huge selection of garage door opener parts, and the #7575 gear and sprocket kit is one of them. This affordable kit is a direct replacement for the Liftmaster 41C42220A gear and sprocket assembly. This after-market kit is the ideal way to fix up your aging garage door without having to purchase an entirely new unit. The #7575 kit replaces all of the most commonly worn parts in the opener drive system.

Kit #7575 also works with openers from Sears Craftsman, True Value, Master Mechanic and even some Wayne Dalton units. The large gear measures 2.75 inches high and 0.5 inches wide and features a 0.5-inch bore. The worm gear is 1.125 inches OD with 1.25-inch-wide teeth. This kit is far less expensive than an opener replacement, and it's incredibly easy to install with its included instructions.
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COMMENT: Good fast service by Jack H 8/29/2017
COMMENT: Because you had the parts I needed and you provide a video on the compatibility with my unit. I also read the manual before I purchase. Thank you! by David S 8/12/2017
QUESTION: will item #7575-NAP work on craftsman model 139.53975SRT? by jiyu c 9/10/2016
ANSWER: Looking at the parts list on your model on a schematic parts list I believe it would fit. by Donald M a
QUESTION: does this gear work for liftmaster 41A5483-1B? by None N 8/18/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I recently, 2 months ago, replaced a sprocket assembly in the Liftmaster1/3 hp unit. The system worked great until now; the system stopped working. Upon inspection the sprocket has shavings. What could cause this in under 2 months? by Marc B 6/22/2016
ANSWER: It could be the chain that it's too tight by Harpreet S a
QUESTION: I have a Chamberlain 333C that has a stripped sprocket. Will the 7575NAP work? Also, does it come assembled, or in pieces? It has both views on the web site. by Bruce E 5/4/2016
ANSWER: I honestly can not tell you. I am currently not at home so I can't tell you what model I have. But it does fit mine and it does come assembled and with extra parts if needed. by Thomas N a
ANSWER: This part is extremely widely used...easy to install and inexpensive.<br />It comes fully assembled, with a grease packet and even a few extra parts, which I did not need<br />It fit my Craftsman opener perfectly, worked first time.<br />Best idea is to view one of the many YouTube videos before tackling the job.<br />I'm a layman, but that made it easy. Also, find the video that says how to do it but<br />"Don't remove the circuit board". Way faster and no risk way. Mines working like new, and is now 15 years old by Peter T a
ANSWER: I can't comment on the 333C. My part number on the back panel of the GDO is 41A5483-1B, manufactured in 05/04. I can say that the sprocket, shaft and nylon gear came in a single piece as shown. I didn't even need to use the worm gear: the one in the GDO was fine. It's a pretty easy replacement if this part is compatible with your GDO. by Joan A a
ANSWER: It comes assembled by MDavid S a
STAFF ANSWER: 7575 will work and comes assembled by Taylor M a
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