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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

Upgraded entryway springs for smooth and dependable function of your main entrance

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
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Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring
Product Description
Your Wayne Dalton garage door is built to last, but all springs will wear out over time. With our Wayne Dalton Torquemaster garage door springs, you can quickly get your door functioning again. Wayne Dalton garage door spring parts like these Torquemaster springs are notoriously sturdy and durable. We carry both Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus Wayne Dalton garage door springs to ensure that you get exactly the right product for your doors.

When ordering Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Plus or Wayne Dalton Torquemaster One Replacement spring we want you to be aware of the fact that the springs you receive will not necessarily match the size of your existing springs that broke or wore out. This is because Wayne Dalton previously used oil tempered spring wire to make their Torquemaster Springs. Now Wayne Dalton is manufacturing the Torquemaster springs with a new and improved High Tensile strength music wire. This allows them to make a spring slightly smaller that will install and operate the exact same as the old spring used on your application. The new springs are known to have a slightly longer life cycle than the originals which is a huge bonus for those of you that use the garage as the main entrance to your home. As long as you fill out our order form with your correct Door specs then the new replacement springs will work properly

Ordering your new Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs is simple. Look on the white sticker found on your current Torquemaster spring tubes to find the information you need (left side of tube). See Photo Below:
Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring label location to find garage door width and height

  • Built specifically for Wayne Dalton garage doors
  • Order according to door width and height for a perfect fit
  • Choose from Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus springs
  • Features Wayne Daltonís exclusive counterbalance system for safe operation
  • Designed to prevent injury and accidents

    All information in the drop down arrows must be completed in order to process your order and prevent delays. Please include your garage door size, model number, weight or ZZ#, and if your springs are Torquemaster One or Torquemaster Plus.

    You can tell if your system is Torquemaster one if you wind the spring with a drill or your door was manufactured before 2007. See picture below:

    Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring - How to Determine Torquemaster Type (TorqueMaster One or TorqueMaster Plus) - The difference is in the shape, not the material (Round - TorquMaster One and Pentagon - TorqueMaster Plus

    We always recommend replacing springs in pairs (where applicable) due to spring having equal cycle life and the opposite spring will most likely also fail soon leaving your door inoperable.

    TorqueMaster is Wayne-Dalton's exclusive counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains the springs inside a steel tube. The TorqueMaster design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension.

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    Ask a Question
    COMMENT: replacement part. Love the slim overhead profile, but am a little disappointed in how long the springs last. This door is 15 years old and I have already replaced the old torquemaster spring 2 times and then had to update to the torquemaster plus, now after 3 years the right spring has broken. by William C 10/8/2017
    COMMENT: cause the spring broke by carson w 10/7/2017
    QUESTION: Which spring am i supposed to buy- a single spring or a double spring- if my garage door is 8 by 7 and weighs 68 pounds? by Hee K 4/15/2017
    ANSWER: You will need a single spring<br />Two springs will not fit inside tube by Ronald T a
    ANSWER: Single by Aquenda D a
    ANSWER: Those are the same dimensions and weight of my garage door, which required one spring. by Richard L a
    QUESTION: I have a torque master plus and just need the left spring. Can I buy just the left spring? by Aubrey J 4/13/2017
    ANSWER: Probably, but if two are required, then it would be wise to replace both at once. The convenience of doing both at the same time may save the effort to just replace one. by Richard S a
    ANSWER: Yes by Scott a a
    ANSWER: not sure why company didn't answer your question. I had a double spring door which continued to operate until the second spring broke. The replacement spring was longer than the original and is still operating satisfactory two years later with only one spring by donald m a
    STAFF ANSWER: If you have a double spring set up we only sell both springs for all double spring set ups. by Taylor M a
    ANSWER: If I were you, I would buy and replace both because one broke the other will break soon too. by James B a
    QUESTION: instead of torquemaster one spring, i ordered torquemaster plus, what kind of conversion kit do i need? by chong k 12/3/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: replacement spring came with a plastic cover do I leave it on when I replace it ? by None N 12/3/2016
    ANSWER: Yes I had mine professionally replaced and they left plastic sleeve on.. by brooks P a
    ANSWER: No by KR L a
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