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Weather Seal Videos

Weather Seal Videos
Welcome to the Garage Door Weather Seal Video Page. This is where our in house movies demonstrating how weather seal works can be found!

A weather seal is your most important ally when it comes to keeping the elements where they belong: outside of your garage. At North Shore Commercial Door, we understand that this is easier said than done. Aging seals, improper installation, poor fitment and a number of other conditions can derail your best-laid plans. And when that happens, you can turn to us and our handy collection of videos that cover the entire gamut of garage door weather seals. No weather seal tech topic is left untouched here; you're certain to come away more educated than you arrived - that's a promise.

StormShield Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Installation Video
Garage Door Brush Seal Intro and How To
How to Replace / Install Weatherseals
How to Order & Install Universal Seal
Garage Door Weather Seals and Insulating Products Garage Door Weather Seals and Insulating Products
Learn how to keep your home or commercial garage free of expensive damage from pests, drafts and dust with our how-to garage door weather seal installation videos at North Shore Commercial Door. Access these show-and-tell videos before or after you purchase our vinyl weather seals or garage door bottom wood weather stripping.

One of the cheaper ways to cut down on high energy costs at your home or business is to apply protective weather seals to your garage doors to block cold and hot drafts. We sell our weather stripping by the foot, so you won't have to pay more for lengths you don't need. Learn how to seal garage doors over uneven floors with our how-to videos on installing T-bulb weather stripping.

If you don't know which weather seal is best for your residential or commercial garage, watch our exclusive "Tech Talk with Mark" video introduction to weather seals. Learn about garage door bottom weather seals by brand with our videos on top makers like Overhead Door, Wayne Dalton, Genie, M-Building Products, Clopay and Xcluder.