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WHY EVO Universal Gate and Garage Door Remote - Programmable

WHY EVO Universal Gate and Garage Door Remote - Programmable
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WHY EVO Universal Gate and Garage Door Remote - Programmable
WHY EVO Universal Gate and Garage Door Remote - Programmable
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door is proud to bring to market, the WHY EVO MULTIFREQUENCY remote control. This transmitter is the first truly universal transmitter on the market with the ability to work on up to four different garage doors/ gates. This remote is compact and is smaller than a business card. The Why Evo Remote can fit comfortably on your keychain with the included lanyard or it comes with a sleek holster for you to easily clip it to the visor of your car or truck. The choice is yours!

The Why EVO is compatible with most major brands (See Product highlights below), works like the built-in visor remote ( HomeLink® ) that come pre-installed on newer model cars. The best part of this remote is being able to program a different brand operator to each button, thus eliminating the clutter of having multiple remotes for different properties.

The Why Evo Remote can Clone your existing remotes through some very easy and quick programming steps that the average homeowner is more than capable of handling on their own. If your remote is a Fixed code or has dip switches inside, the remote WHY EVO will work your gate or door as soon as the clone is complete. If your system has the newer rolling code technology the Why EVO remote needs to learn the signal from your existing remote and then it needs to be programmed to your Gate Receiver or Garage Door Operator using the learn/Smart button built into said equipment. The learn button for your garage door opener is usually on the back of the Motor Head Hanging from the ceiling or under the lens cover.

Right out of the Box the WHY EVO gives customers the possibility to generate the most popular brands rolling code signal without having to be learned from an existing remote. Here is a list of the pre-programmable signals:

Please note: If you have a Fixed code remote, you need to have an existing working remote to clone to be able to use this remote. If your remote is rolling code and does not match one of the pre-programmable rolling code signals you must have an existing remote for the WHY EVO opener to learn from before it can be coded to your Gate or Door Operator.

Product Highlights:

  • Part Number WHY-EVO
  • WHY EVO Multifrequency Remote Control by Sice Tech
  • Comes in four Colors: Licorice Black, Granade Red, Magnolia White, and Sky Blue
  • Compatible with Allstar®, Boss®, Challenger®, Chamberlain®, Decko®, Digi-Code®, DoorKing®, Genie®, GTO®, Guardian®, HomeLink®, Hormann®, Keystone Heddolf®, LiftMaster®, Linear®, Marantec®, Napoleon Lynx®, North Shore Commercial Door®, Overhead Door®, Pulsar®, Raynor®, Remote Control Solutions®, Sears Craftsman®, Skylink®, Sommer®, Stanley®, Transmitter Solutions®,
  • If you do not have a transmitter currently, this remote will only work with: LiftMaster® Rolling Code Units (Purple, Orange, Green, & Yellow Learn buttons), Genie®/ Overhead Door® Intellicode Series 1 & 2, and Linear® MegaCode® units.
  • Capable of cloning frequencies directly from remotes
  • Compatible with Pre-installed Visor Remotes in newer model cars
  • Audible Beep when button is pressed
  • Can be used as Visor style or keychain style remote
  • Uses CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Dimensions: Width: 1 9/16” X Length: 2 1/4” X Depth: 3/8”
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Double mold injected to prevent damage
Product Videos

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COMMENT: i need a one more by keehwan h 10/1/2017
QUESTION: Will this work with HID Proxkey III RFID FOB? by John s 6/6/2017
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will the Evo opener work with my gate Stinger multi code by Linear by None N 5/25/2017
ANSWER: If your overhead door has a remote it will almost certainly work with the door. I have no experience with the gate by Timothy M a
ANSWER: I programmed two multi-code remotesone opens the gate to my work and the other to my neighborhood and my garage door to the Evo remote. I'm not sure the brand of the gate remotes, they said multi-code on the front and were big and white. My garage door opener is a Marantec. It has been a couple months now and I couldn't be happier. It literally takes less than a minute to program your Evo remote. by Mike A a
ANSWER: Yes, I used it for both. by Long C a
QUESTION: Will this work if the original garage door opener no longer works? by Gina V 2/21/2017
ANSWER: Maybe. If you have one of the 4-5 standard garage door opener brands. The instructions will tell you how to program for those. However the best way to program this remote is to use the old remote and point it at the new one. It will learn the code. You can't really do that with an old remote that isn't working : by Charles S a
QUESTION: I have a Raynor Aviator and a Raynor model 150-7 as well as a Liftmaster at 2 different houses. Will the Evo work for all of these? by Jim W 1/21/2017
ANSWER: I have an older Overhead Garage opener on one home, a new Linear on one home and a community gate. All three openers work with my car's Homelink transmitter, will the Why work on all of my openers? by Art B a
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