Wiegand Programmable Transmitters

Wiegand programmable remotes by Remote Control Solutions are the perfect choice for any setup. The powerful and innovative remotes are compatible with all systems, giving you the freedom to choose high-quality, durable remote controls regardless of what brand of operator you have. Remotes are available with 1, 2 or 4 buttons to suit your needs.

Wiegand remote transmitters use multiple codes for better security. They are capable of handling over 65,000 code combinations, which is more than competitor models. The remotes operate on several frequencies ranging from 295 MHz to 433 MHz.

In addition to the impressive internal components of Wiegand transmitters, Remote Control Solutions has also designed the outside of the remotes to meet the demands of an on-the-go society. The outside features an ergonomic design that's comfortable to hold. A textured finger grip area ensures stability and ease of use even in wet conditions. The remotes also have a keychain connection that's reinforced to reduce breakage, keeping your remote securely attached and ready for use.