Wireless Remote Control Outlet

Wireless Remote Control Outlet
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Wireless Remote Control Outlet
Wireless Remote Control Outlet
Product Description
Comes with one controller and one receiver. Great for lighting or security applications. The wireless transmitter turns lights on/off from up to 100 feet away. Works through walls. Great for holiday decorations.

Control plugs into any wall outlet

Can be used with any lighting fixture that utilizes incandescent light bulbs up to 600 watts maximum

Can also be used with TVs, radios and other small appliances

Uses 120V, 60Hz AC

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COMMENT: For ease of turning on and off a hanging lamp by Don A 8/14/2017
COMMENT: exactly what I was looking for by Deana L 8/1/2017
QUESTION: can i plug halogen lights into this outlet? by None N 11/19/2015
ANSWER: I've been using a 500 watt halogen light for a year with no problems. by joyce h a
ANSWER: The light in the lamp that is controlled by this device is halogen. So I guesss the anser is yes. by Jack S a
QUESTION: I am wanting to install several of these units approx. 50 in our site, and would like for them to all operate off of the same frequency ie, 1 remote for all 50. Does this item do that? by None N 7/15/2015
ANSWER: I don't know if they have the same frequencys. Try to contact the manufacturer.<br /><br />As far as how the unit operates, I am very well satisfied with it. It is <br />saving me a lot of time and it makes certain kinds of work, more conviennt to do.<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Richard Dyrland by Richard D a
QUESTION: I am going to use this to operate an LCD display sign. 1. Can I get two remote controls for a single switch.<br />2. Will this work from an exterior to interior wall? by None N 2/24/2015
QUESTION: Is there an outlet on the front of the device as well as the one I can see on the side? And will it work with a transformer? by Paul T 12/16/2014
STAFF ANSWER: There is only an outlet on the side of this and it takes a two prong plug. by Matthew O a
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