Xtreme Garage Door Opener Repair Parts (EPVs)

Find the best replacement part for your Xtreme garage door opener by using our parts diagrams at North Shore Commercial Door. They are designed to help you see what you're looking for and where it fits on your 1/4HP or 1/2HP Xtreme garage door operator. If you have a model 425-1620 Xtreme garage door opener by Menard, we have the right installation and assembly parts that are a just a click away. We also have 24913l-1 photo eye safety sensor system full kits and Xtreme wall panels.

Because Menard's Xtreme Garage openers were designed for easy installation, installation is easy for replacement parts, too. We also have Xtreme-compatible Decko-made parts such as the Decko/Xtreme garage door gear and sprocket kit. Our Xtreme accessories include a 3-button remote control with battery included that will control up to three Xtreme Garage door openers. This 3-button remote is compatible with HomeLink in-vehicle remote control systems, too.