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ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote

ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote
ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote
ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote
ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote
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This item is discontinued.
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Garage Door Opener Universal Radio Receiver Set - North Shore Commercial Door RC-1
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
The ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote two-channel transmitter with visor clip is available at North Shore Commercial Door. The 4202 remote includes LED indicators that flash back and forth after releasing the transmit button. This signals activation. Housed in silver plastic, the ZAP Garage Door Opener 4202 Remote requires a CR1632 battery. Don't worry about it malfunctioning in extreme conditions; the remote will work in temperatures as cold as 13 below zero or has scorching as 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The operating frequency is 433.92 MHz.
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COMMENT: Necessity by Ryan S 9/26/2017
COMMENT: My customer tried many others to find this item and they could not, I found you and you are an industry supplier and your price was good. I ordered from you. by garry b 8/11/2016
QUESTION: I have a ZAP 800 and another ZAP 800 Series 3 control. The remote is 4202. It has been working fine until yesterday that the 4202 remote can now only open up the garage door. When door is fully open, clicking on the 4202 remote will not be able to close the door. When using the "down button" on the control unit, I now have to hold it continuously so the door will travel all the way to the closed position. If holding and release, the door will just travel downward and stop as soon as I release the "down button" on the control. How can I fix this? by Chris H 5/1/2016
ANSWER: reprogram controller and opener according to instructions by Richard H a
REPLY: Could you forward me the link to the "instructions" or available documentation? Thx by Chris H r
REPLY: you need the motor and control unit installation instructions--north shore door should be able to pdf them. If you don't have that book it should be available on the zap website. The dip switches should be set: 1, 2, and 3 to on. 4,5 & 6 to off depending what functions you are using. by Richard H r
QUESTION: Do i need to program this remote to work with my opener? by Claude P 4/12/2015
ANSWER: We had to program the remote. by Dean S a
ANSWER: yes and you can program each button for a different function.1: press and hold transmitter button that is required to operate door<br />2:press and HOLD the program button on the controller<br />3:after 4 secs the controller will beep or flash the ACK LED. Release the program button but continue to hold TRANSMIT holding the transmitter button<br />4: two beeps/flashes will confirm that the code has been accepted. Release the transmitter buttton<br />5: test the operperation<br /><br /><br />hope this helps by Richard H a
QUESTION: these remote according to factory has to be coded by serial number<br /><br />Is this true? by jim c 11/19/2012
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