ZAP Garage Door Opener 800-3-PB Series 3 Controller

ZAP Garage Door Opener 800-3-PB  Series 3 Controller

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Item# 800-3-PB
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ZAP Garage Door Opener 800-3-PB Series 3 Controller
ZAP Garage Door Opener 800-3-PB  Series 3 Controller
Product Description

The ZAP Garage Door Opener 800-3-PB Series 3 Controller available at North Shore Commercial Door acts as the standard 3-button station for open/close/stop functions. The 800-3-PB is NEMA 4X compliant as a standard feature and works with all ZAP Series 3 800 model garage door openers. The controller can be mounted remotely up to 24 feet away from the operator, as long as it is wired with other external control devices that are designed to function as the primary door controls. Get the 800-3-PB with next-day shipping any business day when you order from North Shore Commercial Door.


NEMA 4X compliant

Compatible with ZAP Series 3 800 openers

Mounting up to 24' from operator

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COMMENT: it makes to specs by Merlin H 12/27/2013
QUESTION: How do you program a liftmaster 893 max Remote to a zap 800-us door opener? by None N 5/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: You do not this does not have a receiver. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How do you program the remote control for a zap 800 garage door opener? by Jacqueline K 12/22/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What remote do you have? by Taylor M a
REPLY: It is a Chamberlain <br />Model KLIK3U-PK by Jacqueline K r
STAFF REPLY: I have nothing coming up under that model remote. by Taylor M r
QUESTION: My zap 800 squeals when it should stop at temps under 60 degrees and requires to be manually stopped. Is this something that can be fixed or just replace it? by Netty F 10/26/2015
STAFF ANSWER: If you have any other questions please give us a call and ask to speak to Josh or Zap Tech ! 800-783-6112 by Taylor M a
STAFF ANSWER: I would recommend adjusting the manual release lever to acquire more belt tension. It's the belt that's squeeling due to slippage. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: my circuit board is fried <br />Do you a board for the ZAP 800 Series II ?<br />if not the complete controller by None N 2/10/2014
STAFF ANSWER: We sell the controllers on the website.If you have any questions feel free to call us. by Matthew O a