Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield

Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield

Additional Details about: Sold by the foot. To place your order put how many feet you need it the quantity box and add your order to the shopping cart. - GLUE included.
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Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield Instruction Manual
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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has garage door threshold weather seal kits in stock and available for fast shipping. These kits give your garage door a tight seal that helps keep water, dust, leaves and pollen out of the garage. These garage door thresholds have been driven-over tested and they will not crack or shatter. They will also remain flexible from 40 degrees below zero to 150 degrees, making this kit ideal for any climate. This threshold kit meets California Fire Marshall and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance and comes with a full two-year warranty.

You can purchase these kits in black or gray and North Shore Commercial Door sells these kits by the foot. If you order 16 feet for example, you will receive 16 feet. During installation, you may find that slight more length is needed, so it may be wise to order a slightly longer piece of sealant. If you have questions before purchasing any products, be sure to contact North Shore as their staff is always happy to assist you.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• 3 1/8" in width

• 1/2" in height at tallest point

• Available in black or gray

• Installs easily with provided adhesive and instruction manual

• Will not crack or shatter

• Remains flexible from -40ºF to 150ºF

• Meets California Fire Marshal and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance

• Comes with a full 2-year residential warranty

• Manufactured by the same company that makes MD Buiding Products Garage Door Threshold weatherseal

• This product is the Original StormShield Threshold Weatherstripping

• Same as the Clopay and Sensible Solutions Weather Strip barrier

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Not found in local stores.Good price. by Michael S 2/8/2016
COMMENT: To prevent water from entering into the garage from underneath the overhead door. by Robert Z 2/7/2016
QUESTION: Trying to replace custom bottom door seal 2 deep by 48" wide. all rubber with rubber sweep, where can I find? is stapled to the under side of the door. by Connie M 1/13/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <br /><br />This is the closest thing I have to what your looking for. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Can this product be installed during cold weather? Is there a minimum temperature requirement for the glue to work correctly? by None N 10/31/2015
ANSWER: I had no problem sealing and putting down the door strip. it works beautifully. by Jacqueline P a
ANSWER: I believe that it needed to be warm, at least above 50 degrees. I applied mine while it was hot so that the temperature of our concrete was warm. Hope this helps. by Tom P a
ANSWER: the adhesive i used to glue it down was E6000. It can be used from 50 degrees f to 90 degrees f for installation. Once its cured it willwork from -50 to+150 f. Its excellent glue, it won't come off. by Robert D a
QUESTION: I have lip leading into my garage from the drive way When the door shuts the lip is very close to door when it is down. I have a 16 ft since it's long the door does not shut evenly to the lip. The middle of the door is closer to the lip than either end. Will I have to trim the sides of the strip or just install at close as to the lip I can and let the door shut on top of the seal unevenly? If it does not work for me can I return it for a full refund? Thank You by DON S 10/5/2015
ANSWER: Hello Don. I purchased this garage door threshold and it is quite flexible. In other words, you should be able to make a template that exactly matches your needs to ensure that the lip seals along the door the entire 16 foot length. There is a gradual build up to the lip in any case so even if you are off by a half inch or more the width of the garage door seal on the bottom should still do the trick.<br /><br />Just my two cents.<br /><br />Dick by Richard F a
ANSWER: I think I understand your problem; the material is pliable and you will be able to put a curve in it. It is also easy to trim if you have to. Mine has worked really well so far, keeping rain water and snow melt out of my garage. by dallas s a
ANSWER: Don - I installed the Seal Kit on two doors. From the outside after installation you can barely see the installed threshold. I installed it straight and the rubber seal on the door in conjunction with the threshold seal compensates for any curvature in the doors. by Gary G a
STAFF ANSWER: This would be the product you would need I would recommend just the sides in this case because they are lower then the lip and hopefully this seal will fill the gap. We do have a return policy on the bottom of our website. by Matthew O a
REPLY: I don't have a gap in the concrete when the door is closed on the e xs there is a difference of 2 inches between the garage floor lip and the garage door. In the middle of the door there is only a half inch. Will the molding work were there is only a half inch between the lip and the door? Or will I have to In stall on the outside of the door? Thanks by DON S r
REPLY: Thanks my door is 16 foot do I need to order 17 ft for shrinkage? by DON S r
QUESTION: I need to order 43' of this product. Will it come all in one length? This is for 3 different doors. 12' 3", 14' 3", 16' 3". I don't want to have a splice within a door. <br /><br />Or do I need to order 13', 15', and 17' separately to avoid a splice within a door.<br /><br />Thanks by None N 5/26/2015
ANSWER: If this were me I would order individual lengths as long as the price for shipping is no more than as if you order one 43' roll.<br />Product is sold by the foot so contact the company and check pricing. Hope this helps. by David S a
ANSWER: I had three doors and I bought enough a 50' roll? which was sufficient for all three. I had more than enough with some to spare for a doorway or other use. BTW, the stripping has greatly reduced, but not completely eliminated, the fine dust which was entering my storage spaces. However, that's more the result of the doors themselves, which seal very poorly. Stan Wolcott by Earl W a
ANSWER: I would order separate. <br />Great product! by Luis R a
ANSWER: I purchased one large roll, which worked for me, and I cut it where I needed to. If you can purchase it the length you need. Good Luck by Pamela K a
STAFF ANSWER: It will come in one solid length. by Matthew O a