Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit

Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit

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Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Instruction Manual
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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has garage door threshold weather seal kits in stock and available for fast shipping. These kits give your garage door a tight seal that helps keep water, dust, leaves and pollen out of the garage. These garage door thresholds have been driven-over tested and they will not crack or shatter. They will also remain flexible from 40 degrees below zero to 150 degrees, making this kit ideal for any climate. This threshold kit meets California Fire Marshall and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance and comes with a full two-year warranty.

You can purchase these kits in black or gray and North Shore Commercial Door sells these kits by the foot. If you order 16 feet for example, you will receive 16 feet. During installation, you may find that slight more length is needed, so it may be wise to order a slightly longer piece of sealant. If you have questions before purchasing any products, be sure to contact North Shore as their staff is always happy to assist you.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• 3 1/8" in width

• 1/2" in height at tallest point

• Available in black or gray

• Installs easily with provided adhesive and instruction manual

• Will not crack or shatter

• Remains flexible from -40ºF to 150ºF

• Meets California Fire Marshal and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance

• Comes with a full 2-year residential warranty

• Manufactured by the same company that makes MD Buiding Products Garage Door Threshold weatherseal

• This product is the Original StormShield Threshold Weatherstripping

• Same as the Clopay and Sensible Solutions Weather Strip barrier

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: To help keep a tighter seal in the garage. helps keep water out if you have small areas of water entering your garage. by cory P 11/19/2014
COMMENT: I could buy it in one length to do 4 doors. I watched your video too. by Ned B 11/19/2014
QUESTION: It looks like the 1/2" ridge is not in the center Is there a reason for that? by None N 11/19/2014
ANSWER: The ridge provides a better barrier to water coming in under the door. When I installed my door seal, I placed this ridge under the door on the inside, marked with the pencil where the edge was and applied the glue on the floor. Place the weather seal back on the floor and pull the door down and let dry. by John W a
ANSWER: It's not in the center. You lay the strip down so the edge butts up either against the outer edge of the bottom of the door, or if your door already has a weather seal on it, against the outer edge of the weather seal. The included directions are pretty clear. by Richard H a
ANSWER: Yes. The bottom seal of your garage door seats on the wide flat rubber part of this seal and the ridge acts as a raised barrier of sorts. So when you close the door, from the outside, you will see the raised lip which aids in keeping water and debris out. by Jim S a
ANSWER: Door rests on big side of ridge as shown in picture by ted h a
QUESTION: The garage cement floor is not sloped properly to the drain. I want to use this strip as a barrier across the front of the garage flooring to keep the melted snow/water from advancing to the front. Advice? by Joe L 10/30/2014
ANSWER: I have same issue. Sill get water in my garage even with threshold weather seal by Michael A a
ANSWER: I assume want to keep water from creeping under a closed door.<br /><br />My problem was the wind was blowing the water under the door. The seal stopped it completely with the exception that I had to build up a dam using silicone sealer AT THE ENDS OF THE SEAL. Once the dams were installed I have not seen one drop of water in the garage.<br /><br />I had one other problem that has nothing to do with the seal, i.e., my garage floor had been painted and the adhesive in the kit didn’t bind to the painted surface. If your floor is painted it would be a good idea to ether remove the paint where the seal or installed OR experiment with different adhesives before installing the seal. by Richard F a
REPLY: I want to keep melted snow and water from the vehicles from creeping forward to the back of the garage. I want to use this stripping as a water dam. by Joe L r
REPLY: OK Joe,<br /><br />My guess is the seal is about 5/8" high. I would work as a dam if the water in no higher. If there are seams or expansion joints just fill them with silicone sealer UNDER THE SEAL. by Richard F r
ANSWER: This should do the trick. I would just make sure you put enough adhesive on the strip so you won't have any issues down the road by Young S a
REPLY: Order more glue then Is it waterproof and does it bond to concrete? by Joe L r
QUESTION: Does the glue come with this item or do I need to order it as a separte line item? by Dale B 10/21/2014
QUESTION: Hello, if I have a 2 door garage and its 16ft, how much larger do i need to order it Will I have to adjust the garage door once its installed, so do I have to call a garage door installer to make sure the door closes by Jacqueline D 10/7/2014
ANSWER: The kit has to just fit the garage door. No adjustments needed for the door, just follow the instructions, The kit is not attached to the door. It is attached to the concrete. It acts as a threshold under the garage. You can also buy a rubber attachment to the garage door that would come down on the threshold. by Harold B a
ANSWER: Hello: Not sure your door same as mine, however I installed mine and made sure the seal extend to the length of the door opening which is a few inches beyond the door itself. If installed correctly it will not effect the door closing. I have had it for over a year and it stopped the water from coming in. not much heavy rains in LA by Denis D a
ANSWER: Measure exactly how long the opening is and order that amount. When I bought mine, it came in a 20 foot strip but I used the extra to weatherstrip under the door from the kitchen to the garage because it had a large gap under it that couldn't be fixed otherwise.<br /><br />I didn't have to call a garage door installer. My opener had a little adjusting slot on the side of the opener housing and I just adjusted it slightly to allow for the thresh hold. Since your car will be outside because you can't drive over the thresh hold for 24 hours at least, you should be able to reach your garage door opener quite easily as long as you have a step ladder. Don't waste your money on calling in an installer. If nothing else, look at the model of your garage door opener and look up the instructions on the internet for adjusting.<br /><br />I hope that this helps. I love my thresh hold. I have not had water intrusion into my garage since I installed it which used to happen every time it rained. by Debra F a
ANSWER: Hi Jacqueline, you won't need much more than the exact measurement of the door. My door did not require readjusting as the rubber under the door sat tightly on the rubber weatherseal. The weatherseal keeps so much dirt out now. by Victor M a
STAFF ANSWER: Order one foot extra. Door shouldn't need adjusted but if you need to, it is very simplefl by Matthew O a