Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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Item# 154448
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If you own a Wayne Dalton garage door and need weather stripping, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the products that you need. The Wayne Dalton garage door bottom rubber weather seal is a 4 inch bead seal insert. This seal is designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors and fits that company's 8000 and 9000 series steel doors and Thermaguard, Foamcore and Thermawayne style doors.

This Wayne Dalton residential rubber seal part number 154448 conforms to uneven floors and contact insures a tight seal. This seal installs quickly and easily in just minutes and using this seal on your garage door wil help you save money by reducing energy loss year round. Like all of the weather seals available at North Shore Commercial Door, this product is sold by the foot. Simply specify the number of feet that you require in the quantity box on the product page.
  • Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above
  • Wayne Dalton Residential Rubber Seal Part # 154448
  • 4" bead width
  • Designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors
  • Fits 8000 and 9000 series steel doors
  • Thermaguard, Foamcore, and Thermawayne style doors
  • Conforms to uneven floors
  • Contact insures tight seal
  • Saves money by reducing energy loss year round
  • Installs quickly and easily in just minutes

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Need to replace existing seal. Neighbor had bought from you and was very satisfied. by Richard C 7/25/2016
COMMENT: To replace one that is no longer sealing by Neil R 7/25/2016
QUESTION: Chipmunks continually chew holes in my rubber seals. Are they made of any other materials that would prevent that from happening? by Mike V 7/2/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Xcluder seal is the best seal for rodent issues. by Taylor M a
ANSWER: To my knowledge this too is rubber, not sure if the same thing would happen again. However, I am happy with the seal. by Orest A a
QUESTION: I have a door track with 3/16 round trackways for the seal. Which seal do you recommend? by William F 6/9/2016
ANSWER: Since wayne dalton is no longer in business, this is the only "replacement " I could find. I had a problem when I first installed it because it kept popping out of the track.My neighbor told me to install it " upside down" . Sure enough, this worked and here it is a year later and it is still fine. Good luck! by Howard A a
QUESTION: I am trying to replace the bottom seal on a 9 foot Wayne Dalton door. It is a old door and there is no model number on it. Door bottom is 1 3/4 inches wide and the seal slides into 2 tracks which are 1/4 inch apart. can you advise what seal I need? by None N 3/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: please send in a picture of your current seal at the end so we can determine the bead at Support@<a href="http://Northshorecommercialdoor.com" target="_blank">Northshorecommercialdoor.com</a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: will the 154448 weathersrip work on a wayne dalton # 38 ID#13990-1 door? by don j 2/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: You will have to compare measurements to be certain. by Taylor M a