Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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Product Description

If you own a Wayne Dalton garage door and need weather stripping, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the products that you need. The Wayne Dalton garage door bottom rubber weather seal is a 3-1/4 inch bead seal insert. This seal is designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors and fits that company's 8000 and 9000 series steel doors and Thermaguard, Foamcore and Thermawayne style doors.

This Wayne Dalton residential rubber seal part number 154448 conforms to uneven floors and contact insures a tight seal. This seal installs quickly and easily in just minutes and using this seal on your garage door wil help you save money by reducing energy loss year round. Like all of the weather seals available at North Shore Commercial Door, this product is sold by the foot. Simply specify the number of feet that you require in the quantity box on the product page.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Wayne Dalton Residential Rubber Seal Part # 154448

• 4" bead width

• Designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors

• Fits 8000 and 9000 series steel doors

• Thermaguard, Foamcore, and Thermawayne style doors

• Conforms to uneven floors

• Contact insures tight seal

• Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

• Installs quickly and easily in just minutes

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Looks like what I need. by Mathew W 9/2/2015
COMMENT: Difficult to find by Julie S 9/1/2015
QUESTION: I have a wayne dalton door but I don't know the model number. This looks like the correct configeration. The doors are about 17 years old. Are there other models of this seal for Dalton doors? by Gerald F 7/9/2015
ANSWER: I don't know about other models but my door was installed in 1994 and this fit it perfectly. by Grant S a
ANSWER: Thanks. I just tried the universal from the local Home Dept and it won't work and I tried several tricks.<br /><br />G by Gerald F a
ANSWER: I bought a universal seal at a local store and found it didn't work.<br />Subsequently I bought the configuration pictured here from North Shore and found it worked just fine. My door is also a Wayne Dalton but I didn't know the model # either. It takes a little patience to thread an old door, but it worked just fine. by Earl K a
QUESTION: I want to purchase 2 17 ft strips. how do I order for two separate doors? by p r 4/6/2015
ANSWER: you order it by ft, but i suggest you add a ft to each order. 36 ft total by franklin m a
STAFF ANSWER: Please order 34'. that way we can fit nit in 1 box abd you can cut it in half. It will be cheaper for shipping and is very easy to cut. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this the correct seal for a 9005 garage door? by Bev H 4/2/2015
ANSWER: I actually don't know the specific number of the door i used this on. i compared the profile with a piece of the old seal. sorry i can't be more specific. by Mark P a
ANSWER: It worked for me by Lloyd L a
ANSWER: It fit the door perfect by Keith B a
ANSWER: I don't remember exactly how I identified which door seal to order, but I can tell you that the information on the web site was accurate, and that the seals I ordered worked perfectly. My order was placed in July of 2013.<br /><br />The transaction went very easy, and the items arrived in a reasonable amount of time. If I ever have the need again I would definitely order from these guys again. by Tom L a
QUESTION: how does it attach to the door? by None N 3/27/2015
ANSWER: Make sure you place the rubber material in a very warm soapy pail of water for a little while to soften up the material and make it slippery to slide into the track groves. It helps to dip a scrub brush into the soapy water and scrub out all of the crud and grime that builds up in the track. The water and soap in the track will lube up the process for ease of installation. by Tim W a
ANSWER: The T-shaped rubber shown on both sides of the long rubber weather seal will, when the seal is curled, fit into a metal strip at the bottom of the door. The result is a compressible barrier that, when the garage door is closed, will safely form a seal from the external environment. by Charles S a
ANSWER: It slides into the two runners on the bottom of the door.. You might want to check your current door first. by Evan N a