Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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Product Description

If you own a Wayne Dalton garage door and need weather stripping, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the products that you need. The Wayne Dalton garage door bottom rubber weather seal is a 4 inch bead seal insert. This seal is designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors and fits that company's 8000 and 9000 series steel doors and Thermaguard, Foamcore and Thermawayne style doors.

This Wayne Dalton residential rubber seal part number 154448 conforms to uneven floors and contact insures a tight seal. This seal installs quickly and easily in just minutes and using this seal on your garage door wil help you save money by reducing energy loss year round. Like all of the weather seals available at North Shore Commercial Door, this product is sold by the foot. Simply specify the number of feet that you require in the quantity box on the product page.

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Wayne Dalton Residential Rubber Seal Part # 154448

4" bead width

Designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors

Fits 8000 and 9000 series steel doors

Thermaguard, Foamcore, and Thermawayne style doors

Conforms to uneven floors

Contact insures tight seal

Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

Installs quickly and easily in just minutes

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: because I have a Wayne Dalton Garage door. Did not know what else would be better or I would have bought that item.. by Thomas M 10/27/2014
COMMENT: Better price than from Wayne Dalton door company by Scott C 10/26/2014
QUESTION: Our garage door is 16 feet across. Is this the amount of footage we will need to order Are there caps for the ends like the weather stripping we are returning? by Ed T 9/23/2014
ANSWER: I recommend 1/2" to 1" overlap for both ends. by Kenneth R a
ANSWER: If you order greater than what you need you can just cut the excess off. For the price it's pretty cheap for peace of mind. by Ronald R a
ANSWER: Yes, 16'. no end caps required. by James P a
ANSWER: Yes order 16ft<br />There are no end caps by peter j a
STAFF ANSWER: No caps for this. Just order the number of feet that you need. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a Wayne Dalton 9005-1 garage door. I need a new bottom seal. My current seal has dual T-track guides similar to this product. However it appears that the front track on your pic has an extra ridge of rubber below the T. Also my seal is a continuous semi-oval piece of rubber. It does not roll out flat. As long as the T tracks match it should be OK but I'm not certain they match. Will this seal fit the 9005-1 Thanks Rick by Rick J 9/13/2014
ANSWER: This is what I used to replace a 13 year old door a couple of years ago. I used dish soap and water to lubricate the track. I used pop cycle sticks as the installation tool. I lowered the door to just above shoulder height. Cleaned the tracks out with an old toothbrush and had my spouse help. All that worked well, done in 10 minutes.<br /><br />One thing extra I did was get some ½" foam rope, normally used to insulate around windows from my local big box hardware store, That has kept the door seal spongy and not crushed out ever since. by Dan K a
ANSWER: It "forms" an semi-oval when you install it they all come flat - at least the ones I've seen.<br /><br />Mine is a "T" grove too, but some of the seals have a "P" shape.<br /><br />I'm pretty sure as long as the grove matches you'll be fine. Spray some Silicone lubricant into the groove and it will really help with the installation.<br /><br />Good luck,<br />Russ by R U a
ANSWER: Yes by E E a
QUESTION: On my garage door, there is a steel rod running from end to end and seems to run into the roller mechanisms on each end.<br />Is this a special design or can I use the seal shown here<br />My door is a Wayne Dalton 16 foot door bought about 15 years ago at Lowe's. Lowe's don't sell them anymore. by Bertie R 8/19/2014
ANSWER: I believe you can use it but not 100% sure. If it were me, I would try and make contact directly with Wayne Dalton or another Wayne Dalton dealer. by Clara M a
ANSWER: Yes it will work as long as you have the dual tracks by keith c a
STAFF ANSWER: As long as your seal matches the one pictured by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this considered the "bulb" type? by None N 8/17/2014
ANSWER: yes by Merle S a
ANSWER: Yes due to not being a flat gasket. by Jim M a
ANSWER: I do not know. It works eel on my door and I am pleased, but I do not know what is the "bulb type". by Dan K a