Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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If you own a Wayne Dalton garage door and need weather stripping, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the products that you need. The Wayne Dalton garage door bottom rubber weather seal is a 3 inch bead seal insert. This seal is designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors and fits that company's 8000 and 9000 series steel doors and Thermaguard, Foamcore and Thermawayne style doors.

This Wayne Dalton residential rubber seal part number 154448 conforms to uneven floors and contact insures a tight seal. This seal installs quickly and easily in just minutes and using this seal on your garage door wil help you save money by reducing energy loss year round. Like all of the weather seals available at North Shore Commercial Door, this product is sold by the foot. Simply specify the number of feet that you require in the quantity box on the product page.

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Wayne Dalton Residential Rubber Seal Part # 154448

3-1/4" bead width

Designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors

Fits 8000 and 9000 series steel doors

Thermaguard, Foamcore, and Thermawayne style doors

Conforms to uneven floors

Contact insures tight seal

Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

Installs quickly and easily in just minutes

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Im a garage door contractor by Gilbert M 4/22/2014
COMMENT: Stopped by the big box stores, Lowe's and Menard's, they only stock the generic T-slot type. Strange because Lowe's sells WD doors! by Greg H 4/22/2014
QUESTION: Not sure if this seal will work on my door. It will not accept a T strip, the groove is half moon shaped Mark by None N 4/17/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Send a picture to <a href="http://Sales@northshorecommercialdoor.com" target="_blank">Sales@northshorecommercialdoor.com</a> We can match your old seal via photo by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this product made for all doors that have slide in holder for seal? by wayne K 4/8/2014
ANSWER: Only if the slots are t shaped where it goes in by D D a
ANSWER: No, it is specifically for one type only. There are at least three different types of bottoms and none are interchangeable. by P I a
ANSWER: This weather seal is specifically designed to fit Wayne Dalton Doors. The fit tolerance is very close. You might be able to modify your bottom bracket, but it's probably a long shot. by D I a
QUESTION: I looked at my door and track for the seal. I believe that in order to r & r the seal, I have to unscrew the bracket that holds it. The bracket is mounted between the door and the bottom caster mount,which is also the bottom cable mount. How do you remove the bracket and not disturb the cable assembly<br />Bob by Bob M 1/12/2014
ANSWER: Not sure what kind of seal you had but I just had to open the groove at one end and slide the seal out, then you slide the new seal in and pinch the groove back together. by B A a
ANSWER: Thanks. I figured I would have to do it that way. by Bob M a
ANSWER: It's a nice door, but changing the seal is not easy. I had to support the door first, in the up position, remove the cable bracket and the bracket for the seal. The bottom panel will hang since the caster assembly will have to be removed. <br /><br />I had a hard time removing the seal and a worse time putting it back in. Lubricate the channel the seal goes into with silicon. It was the only way it would slide the length of the door. You might need a helper.<br /><br />The rubber seal is light weight. It didn't take long for another chipmunk, locked in my garage, to shred the seal again.<br /><br />I hope this helps. by D I a
ANSWER: The track is NOT part of the cable mount.<br /><br />Start removing the track at one end and you'll see that. by R U a
REPLY: OK, I'll have to check, thanks. by Bob M r
ANSWER: If my memory serves me right I did not remove anything, just slid out the old seal to the side and slid the new one right on also from the side. It was very simple! To make it easier to work, I stopped the door halfway up.<br />Per S by P E a
STAFF ANSWER: Slide the old seal out and slide the new seal in from the end. You do not have to remove the track. by Matthew O a
REPLY: OK, then I have to find a place to position the door to clear the track, right? by Bob M r
STAFF REPLY: Yes. It should be quite easy. by Matthew O r
REPLY: Thanks, Now to measure and purchase. by Bob M r
QUESTION: I have a Wayne-Dalton Foamcore Model 37. Is this the proper weatherseal for this door? by James K 12/2/2013
ANSWER: I don't know the answer to your question because my door is on a house I rent and I don't know the model of the door. I had to match the existing seal on the door to the picture on the website. My door is not an insulated door, plain steel. Sorry by Darwin G a
ANSWER: I don't know if this will fit your door, James. The reason I bought this seal was because of the SHAPE of the rubber 'gliders' that slide onto the track. It matched the old one my handyman took off my door. Note the shape is not round, but oval.<br />Hope this helps. by Katherine A a
ANSWER: It might be. the bottom channels in my door were corroded and would allow installation. I ended up going to Lowe's and buying a seal complete with channels that fit over the bottom of my door. by Stephen b a
ANSWER: Hi James:<br />I have a Wayne Dalton garage door and this weather seal fitted well. I think that you have a very good chance. To be sure that it is right for your Wayne Dalton garage door, I suggest that you cut a small piece of weather seal from you old garage door seal for comparison. You can move your garage door bottom, to be around the curved rail, to find a good position to work on the seal from the side. Pull the rubber seal at the end which was folded into the small hole to fill it up. Or you can just study the shapes of the steel slots to see whether they are the right shape for this new weather seal. by Ginger L a
REPLY: Ginger,<br /><br />Thanks for the quick response. One reason I asked is because on my existing door they appear to have installed the weatherseal into only a single slot in the bottom of the door, rather than the two slots that I believe that it was intended to be installed into. I'm concerned that I may need to remove the metal shim piece at the bottom of the door in order to get the existing seal out.<br /><br />After I sent my request, I reread some of the other comments and did find someone who had successfully installed this seal on a door just like mine. I'll probably give it a shot.<br /><br />Thanks again - James by James K r