Access Master 371AC Security Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Access Master 371AC Security Garage Door Opener Remote Control
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Our Access Master 371AC single-button remote control isn't so basic. It can operate a single garage door or gate, or turn your garage door opener lights on/off. You can also use it as an extra remote control to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home – all from the comfort of your car. It features Security+® rolling code technology that sends a brand new code every time it is used. One 5-year 3-volt battery is included. The MHz frequency of your garage door opener will determine what remote controls will work with your system. See below to find out which remote to order.

Order the Access Master 371AC if:

•Your garage door opener motorhead has a purple learn button, or

•Your garage door opener motorhead has a purple antenna, or

•Your original remote has silver buttons with glowing blue lights

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Currently have this, and just looking to replace one that is no longer working purchased in 2009. by Charles R 4/3/2016
COMMENT: Have one that works well! by Rachel G 3/22/2016
QUESTION: I bought a 371AC single button remote and I'm not able to program it. I followed all instruction that came in the box. When every time I press the button, yellow LED does blink on the motor for as long as keep the button pressed. Is there something else I should be doing? by Vladimir P 12/28/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What color is your learn button? by Taylor M a
REPLY: Purple by Vladimir P r
STAFF REPLY: you have the right remote! Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of the remote to determine if you are correctly programming it? by Taylor M r
QUESTION: I have model NEC-CLZ which remote do I need? I am looking for a remote for a second car we just bought. by Steve G 12/8/2015
STAFF ANSWER: I've never heard of that model number is there anything else on your current remote? by Taylor M a
QUESTION: reprogrammed a new and old remote and now the keypad doesn't work. how do I reprogram it? by brian p 11/18/2015
ANSWER: I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly by William F a
STAFF ANSWER: What is the model of your keypad? by Taylor M a
REPLY: I found the instruction manual and got it to work....thanks ! by brian p r
QUESTION: my old remote has HBW1573 on the back of it will 371AC work? by None N 7/28/2015
ANSWER: The manufacturer should be able to answer this. You could check their website to see if it is a recommended replacement. by Susan A a
ANSWER: Yes by Tom H a