Garage Door 4" Sheave Pulley with Stud

Garage Door 4" Sheave Pulley with Stud

Item# 4-380-1-4
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Product Description

Garage Door 4" Sheave Pulley with Stud

200lb load rating

6 Solid rivets

Maximum cable diameter: 5/32"

1" long stud

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: replacement for 30 year old parts by josh l 6/30/2015
COMMENT: Bearings out on pulley. by James L 5/16/2015
QUESTION: Does the 4" dimension refer to the diameter of the channel over which the cable/chain will ride, or is it the maximum diameter of the pulley? by Bill C 2/16/2014
ANSWER: I believe it is the total outside diameter by J I a
ANSWER: In my case it was 4" diameter of the pulley by Robert B a
ANSWER: I Would say diameter of channel not 100% on this. by Anthony T a
ANSWER: The over all outside diameter is 4 1/8 inches. by B A a
ANSWER: Diameter of the pulley. by B B a
ANSWER: Maximum diamrter of the pulley. by G A a
STAFF ANSWER: that is the max diameter of the pulley. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is the stud 9/16" dia? or 1/2" and does it include the nut? by Bill R 10/19/2013
STAFF ANSWER: These are instustry standard for garage doors, I belive 1/2". Nut is included. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this fit clopay door ? by John R 10/9/2013
ANSWER: Yes I do believe so we have a 2 car garage and the door is one huge wooden door and it has been working fine since we purchase and installed this item. by P R a
ANSWER: Yes, perfect replacement. by Steve M a
ANSWER: I replaced my heavy wood double door with this. If you can measure your existing pulley just get the same size diameter. by Joe f a
ANSWER: thanks by John R a
ANSWER: John, it would be hard to give you an answer. However the only thing you need to do is measure the outside of the pulley and the bolt size. The unit I received had a 4inch pulley with a 7/16 bolt size. by William M a
QUESTION: i need this as soon as posible, if i oder today can i get it by tomorrow? by marco t 4/4/2013
ANSWER: Absolutely by Thomas K a
ANSWER: got the part i needed, worked perfectly and came quick as promised by J I a
ANSWER: For me it took a few days to be delivered, but you might want to contact them to see if they overnight it. by G O a
ANSWER: I don't remember if I received it the day after the order. But it came pretty quick. by Bin W a