Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit

Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping  Door Kit

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Easy to install, the Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit from North Shore Commercial Door is a great purchase for the homeowner. This weatherstripping door kit is available in nine feet and 18 feet and has door stops with a flexible vinyl flap. They are durable and won't break, crack or rot. Available in the following colors: white, hunter green, almond, brown, gray and sandstone, they can be painted if you choose to do so. Reduce your energy costs by installing this garage door stop weather molding weather seal. When you receive your order, you will get:

  • Be sure to select the correct kit size above (either 9' or 18' kit).
  • The 9 Foot kit comes with two pieces, one @ 16 feet and the other @ 9 feet.
  • The 18 Foot kit comes with two pieces, one @ 18 feet and the other @ 16 feet.
  • 30 weatherstrip nails come with the 9 foot Stop molding kit and 40 weatherstrip nails with the 18 foot Stop molding kit.
North Shore Commercial Door has been in business for over 35 years and we know how to keep your garage in top shape. A garage door molding weather seal can improve the look of your garage and help you save money. Our staff is knowledgeable and will answer all your questions. Order your Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: USA made and appears to be of good quality and what i need. by JOHN F 10/1/2015
COMMENT: need new strips by stephen m 9/30/2015
QUESTION: how wide is the vinyl part, not the rubber? by None N 9/23/2015
ANSWER: The solid vinyl part is just under 2 inches. If you get the white, expect it to turn yellow in the sun. Otherwise, good product. by William M a
ANSWER: 1 1/2 inches by Scott N a
STAFF ANSWER: 1 15/16 inch by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is the flap flexible? by None N 9/4/2015
ANSWER: Yes... It is flexible! by James C a
ANSWER: Yes it is semi flexible, you can't bend it in half but can form a hoop with. by SHAWN H a
ANSWER: Yes and it's been on my door for over a year now by Dan R a
QUESTION: I have swing up or tilt up one piece 9' garage doors. The existing rubber bottom weatherstripping needs to be replaced. The picture of this product is similar to what I have not exact. Would this be the best replacement or can you suggest a different product? by Mike K 9/3/2015
STAFF ANSWER: You nail this product to the side of your door this is not a bottom seal. If you could send us a picture of your current weather seal to Support@<a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I'm sorry I can't help. My daughter purchased the weatherstripping to fix my garage....she never put it in. Kept promising.....It is still sitting in my garage a year & a half later. by MARTHA W a
QUESTION: Am I correct that the 9' kit comes with 1 - 16' piece and 1 - 9' piece? I need to replace the sides of my garage door weatherstrip. Sides are 7-8' so the 9' kit will work? How does a 16' piece ship? by Gary G 6/9/2015
ANSWER: In a roll. You unroll and nail down. Worked great for me. by Michael T a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes the 9' kit comes with 1 16 Footer and 1 9 footer by Matthew O a