Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit

Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping  Door Kit

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Easy to install, the Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit from North Shore Commercial Door is a great purchase for the homeowner. This weatherstripping door kit is available in nine feet and 18 feet and has door stops with a flexible vinyl flap. They are durable and won't break, crack or rot. Available in the following colors: white, hunter green, almond, brown, gray and sandstone, they can be painted if you choose to do so. Reduce your energy costs by installing this garage door stop weather molding weather seal. When you receive your order, you will get:

  • Be sure to select the correct kit size above (either 9' or 18' kit).
  • The 9 Foot kit comes with two pieces, one @ 16 feet and the other @ 9 feet.
  • The 18 Foot kit comes with two pieces, one @ 18 feet and the other @ 16 feet.
  • 30 weatherstrip nails come with the 9 foot Stop molding kit and 40 weatherstrip nails with the 18 foot Stop molding kit.
North Shore Commercial Door has been in business for over 35 years and we know how to keep your garage in top shape. A garage door molding weather seal can improve the look of your garage and help you save money. Our staff is knowledgeable and will answer all your questions. Order your Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal Weatherstripping Door Kit today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: needed weather stripping on 2 10 x 12 garage doors by brian b 1/27/2015
COMMENT: matched the other weatherstripping by Ronald C 1/27/2015
QUESTION: I see that someone had issues installing in the winter. I want to gain the benefits to keep my garage warmer this year not next. If I store the product inside and the install on a warmer 40 degrees or so will I have a problem? Don't want to re install.... Thanks! by john o 12/7/2014
ANSWER: You shuold'nt have any problems, I installed mine when the weather was 40 deg. by John S a
ANSWER: I would warm it for several days out of the box and laid flat. I really found that driving a ring shank nail through this is tough. Drill a hole about every 12 inches, and then use a colored exterior screw to attach it. You can takes it of to clean or even replace a section. Good luck. by Brett F a
QUESTION: does this come in a roll? by None N 11/1/2014
ANSWER: Yes by David F a
ANSWER: It's been a while since I ordered this. But I think it comes in three separate sections; one for each side and one for the top; all rolled up. by Prashant C a
ANSWER: Yes it does, that is the way I received it. by Conrad G a
ANSWER: It came in pre cut pieces. One piece for the top sand 2 pieces for the sides. There was an excess that allowed me to cot to fit. by Brett F a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes , it is very loosely rolled up by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can I get just a 16'? instead a kit for a 18', I only need it for the top of the door! by John S 10/22/2014
ANSWER: Here is a link to the webpage for the p-bulb. You will see that it is sold by the foot, so you should be able to order the length you need. by B R D a
QUESTION: Will this door stop buckle or warp from the hot sun ? by Hans O 9/23/2014
ANSWER: have not noticed any buckling or warping, garage faces sun. by veronica s a
ANSWER: Although, I have not seen extremely hot days 95F or higher since I installed this weather seal molding, I am very impressed with the quality.<br />I have no doubt it will withstand the extreme heat without warping. by John B a
ANSWER: I installed this molding in June of this year and have not noticed any buckling at all. My garage door gets full sun for about 4 hours each day. by Scott N a
ANSWER: Hi, We are located in the Quad cities area of Illinois/Iowa, I have had this weatherstrip installed on our overhead door for a couple months now. Its located on a East facing door with direct sunlight on it daily. So far it has preformed very well. I haven't had any issues with warping or buckling. by Tony C a
ANSWER: Nope. I bought this product in July and have had no issues with it warping or buckling fom the hot son. by Rusmir Z a
ANSWER: weatherstripping did not warp or buckle in the hot sun by DANIEL A a
ANSWER: My has been fine in 100 f temp in N California, I did nail it every 8-10 inches just to be sure. by Paul N a
ANSWER: Our installation has been in place for about 7 weeks, and although our garage faces north we have seen no change in the shape of the seal. We did need to predrill the weatherstripping as we found it too difficult to drive the nails through this product and into the newly installed Azek door jam. by Jack S a
ANSWER: No, it doesn't buckle in the hot sun. There seems to be a very slight expansion on hot days wherever it isn't nailed properly, which is every 6 inches. I haven't tried it yet in cold weather. by Thomas F a
ANSWER: I have only had mine on for a couple of months. It is very well made. It comes in a roll and requires a lot of mails to install straight. I don't think it will buckle, but not sure. So far it looks great by William M a
ANSWER: A quick way to install this doorstop is to just nail it to the outer garage door frame. However, this allows for spacing gaps between nails, which can worsen due to heat, rain, bugs or dirt. An effective long term installation would be to use a caulking glue that tightly secures the rubber doorstop to the frame. Then, apply weather caulking to seal the outer edge, followed by painting the doorstop and the frame the same color. Once completed, this procedure prevents buckling and provides a look that appears as if all of the doorstop and frame are one piece. It creates a beautifully sealed garage door look. by SL M a
ANSWER: I do not believe it will buckle from the heat. The molding is shipped with color matched finish type nails. If you use adequate spacing and have a good structure to nail in to, the molding should not warp. It is somewhat flexible but has good strength. by Michael F a
ANSWER: I only installed the kit a few weeks ago, but so far I have not noticed any warping or buckling from the heat of the sun. by Alan B a