Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S

Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S

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Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote from North Shore Commercial Door works on the 390MHz frequency and can be used as a replacement for models from 1995 to today. The GITR-3 is compatible to replace the following Genie models:





•ACSCTO Type 3

•ACSCTO Type 1


•FCC ID: B8QACSCT, Series II Electronics


A 12v battery, visor clip and instructions are included. Check the Q&A on the website for assistance with the Genie GITR-3. 

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I already have one in my other car by Lee K 11/17/2015
COMMENT: I have a Legacy overhead garage door opener and need a remote that is compatible. by Barbara H 11/13/2015
QUESTION: does it come with a battery? by None N 9/23/2015
ANSWER: yes did come with battery by Micheale K a
ANSWER: Yes by Pat M a
QUESTION: Can I program this to open two different garage doors, both ACSCTG Type 1? Thanks for your help. by A N 9/21/2015
ANSWER: Afraid I can't assist. Only have one double door garage door. by David A a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes you can ! by Matthew O a
REPLY: Thank you! I received the remote today and it works perfectly for the two Type 1s. I really appreciate the help received here! by A N r
QUESTION: HI,<br />I have a Overhead Legacy 469CD model and wondering if this remote will work with this model? I have 2 of the openers so will this remote work with both openers?<br /><br />Thank you.<br />Jeff K. by Jeff K 8/4/2015
ANSWER: I can't speak to your specific model, but I have an older Genie overhead and lost one fob. I replaced it with a new 3-button universal from Northshore and it was easy to program and works find by Friedrich B a
REPLY: Thank you Fredrich. I appreciate the response. by Jeff K r
ANSWER: I don't know if this will work with your model. I am using it with a Genie Pro GPS-IC series Opener. I was told when I bought the replacement remote that it could only be programmed for one of my type of openers so I never tried it on a second one. by Gary W a
QUESTION: my second GITR-3 keeps losing the ability to operate the door after a few times. I have replaced the remotes several times. Is there a limit on how many re3motes the receiver will remember? by Delbert C 6/30/2015
ANSWER: As you probably know, these remotes work with several different models of openers, so it's possible that my experience may be quite different from yours. My opener is one of the older models, I use two remotes, and I have not had the problem you describe. However, I have had an intermittent problem where occasionally neither remote would work properly, and then a little later started working again. I contacted our garage door company, who has the most experienced repair people around here, and was told that the most likely cause was a remote needing a new/fresh battery, or intermitten electronic interference from wifi ours or the neighbors, sprinkler systems, stereo systems, etc. etc. etc. hard to troubleshoot. Unlike my old opener, apparently the newer openers broadcast to the remotes across multi channels, and the most viable solution sometimes is just to replace the opener itself with a new one. Good luck - I know this is frustrating to try to figure out. by Linda W a
ANSWER: i have since replace my old garage doors and openers with a different <br />company than genie. by richard t a
STAFF ANSWER: You have to reset the memory. Hold the learn button down for one full minute and reprogram any remotes and keypads. The Genie and usually hold up to 6 remotes/keypads by Matthew O a