Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S

Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S

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Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The Genie GITR-3 Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote from North Shore Commercial Door works on the 390MHz frequency and can be used as a replacement for models from 1995 to today. The GITR-3 is compatible to replace the following Genie models:





•ACSCTO Type 3

•ACSCTO Type 1


•FCC ID: B8QACSCT, Series II Electronics


A 12v battery, visor clip and instructions are included. Check the Q&A on the website for assistance with the Genie GITR-3. 

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Need item and great prices! by Barbara A 1/16/2016
COMMENT: I needed another one. the first one worked so well by Ronald M 1/5/2016
QUESTION: I need a remote to replace an ACSTG- type 1. Which remote is compatible? by Pat H 1/26/2016
QUESTION: What are the three buttons for? by None N 1/16/2016
ANSWER: The three buttons are intended to be programmable to open three different garage doors if you have multiple stalls. <br />I purchased this remote because my original remote had worn out and that model is no longer available. This remote was listed as a compatible replacement. The right hand button is programmable as a replacement for my old Genie remote. <br />I only use the one button. by Wayne F a
ANSWER: 3 different doors by Raymond N a
ANSWER: Each button is programmable for a different frequency, thus, up to three users each have their own button. Example, husband uses the first button, wife the second, and daughter the third. by N K a
ANSWER: You can program up to 3 garage door openers on this remote. by Matthew B a
ANSWER: you can use this to open three separate doors. by Andrew S a
ANSWER: EAch button can be programmed for for different openers by henry c a
ANSWER: I use two of my three. One for my main garage door and the other for my small garage door. by Steve C a
QUESTION: will a GITR-3 replace my TBSTG Type 1? by dwight n 1/12/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it should. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: My Garage opener says to program the remote to press the "learn" button until the green light is solid. THen press the button on the remote controller and keep it depressed until the green light flashes 3 times. What controller do I need for this opener? I tried the Genie model G3T-R and neither the code 1 or code 2 buttons work. Could not program this remote at all. by Evelyn L 1/8/2016
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Taylor M a