GTO SW4000XL Single Swing Gate Operator Kit

GTO SW4000XL Single Swing Gate Operator Kit
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GTO SW4000XL Single Swing Gate Operator Kit
GTO SW4000XL Single Swing Gate Operator Kit
Product Description
GTO PRO SW4000 Commercial Swing Gate Operator is a low Voltage Swing Gate Operator designed for tubular steel, vinyl, wood, or ornamental gates for residential, farm and commercial use. The PRO4000XL is for single swing gates. This is the new version of the discontinued PRO4000 operator. It has an enhanced motor that provides more power than the previous model. This feature provides a faster open/close speed from as low as 18 seconds. This system is capable of addressing single family residences or multi-family complexes of up to 20 families, and similar commercial applications. A major improvement with no price increase over the previous model.


12 volt system, no electrician needed for installation

Gate will work during electrical power outage

Quick and easy installation, with user friendly instructions

"The Shadow" is designed to blend in with your gate Solar Panel Charger available for remote locations

Will operate a gate up to 20' long and weighing up to 1000 lbs. each leaf if all proper installation procedures are followed. Note: Ball bearing hinges should be used on all gates weighing over 250 lbs (113.4kg).

Can operate 100 to 150 gate cycles during peak hours of operation, depending on gate size and weight (see cycle chart link below)

Control box can be mounted in protected area away from receiver (may require longer cables)

Receiver unit with antenna and 10' cable can be placed in best location for reception of signal

Can be operated by remote transmitter, digital keypad, push button or combination

Full systems capable "add on ready" heavy-duty control board includes adjustable obstruction sensing, gate sequencing and auto close settings (0-120 seconds)

High cycle capability with true soft start and stop operation

Full access ready package includes battery, radio receiver, entry transmitter, AC transformer, and all necessary mounting hardware for a standard installation Can operate as 'push to open' or 'pull to open' (specify when ordering - extra hardware required for push to open) UL rated for Class I, II, III & IV. System certified to be in compliance with UL 325, 5th edition

Two-year limited warranty applies to replacing parts from GTO, Inc.

30 day satisfaction guarantee

Technical Specifications:


Powered by resilient 12 volt motor, 64:1 planetary gear drive system

Temperature rating of motor: -5F (-28C) to +160F (+71C)

Opening time is around 18-24 seconds, depending on the size and weight of the gate

Range of arm stroke is up to 22" (56 cm), with arm fully retracted is 46.25" (118 cm), mounting point to mounting point


The PRO-SW4000XL system is powered by a 12 volt DC/7.0 amp hour, sealed, rechargeable battery (included)

Optional second battery fits in control box, used for solar applications or high traffic applications, if needed Battery charge maintained by a 120V AC/60 Htz input and 18 VAC at 40 mA; "active draw" is 2 to 9 amps. NOTE: Transformer should never be connected directly to any battery

Optional GTO Solar Panel Charger: float voltage 14.5 VDC output from a 19-3/8" (49.21 cm) x 15-1/4" (38.74 cm) silicon alloy panel. Generates minimum of 10 watts at 600 mA. A gated diode on the control board prevents battery discharge


The GTO control board can be programmed for pull-to-open or push-to-open

Slow Start/Stop for added cycles and system life

Auto-memorization of digital transmitter code

Charging regulated circuit on control board. "Sleep draw" is 40 mA; "active draw" is 2 to 9 amps

GTO remote-mounted RF receiver tuned at 318 MHz


Operator arm

AC transformer

12 volt battery

Control box/control board

Receiver with 10 ft. cable

Entry transmitter

6 ft. power cable

Mounting hardware

Installation/safety manual

Caution signs.

Warning Beeper

Adjustable obstacle-reversing safety feature
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