Linear HAE00001 Garage Door Opener 3 Button Wall Station

Linear HAE00001 Garage Door Opener  3 Button Wall Station
Item# HAE00001
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Linear HAE00001 Garage Door Opener 3 Button Wall Station
Linear HAE00001 Garage Door Opener  3 Button Wall Station
Product Description
If you need a linear garage door wall station, North Shore Commercial Door is the perfect place to find it. This Linear HAE00001 garage door opener three-button wall station is designed for Linear models LD033, LD050 and LS050. The HAE0001 requires two wires to run to your garage door opener, and it's the perfect replacement for a doorbell-style button. You can use this garage door wall station to control the door and the light on the opener unit. There's even a slide switch that allows you to lock the garage door for added security.
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COMMENT: original It has been 13 years since we bought this house by dong i 9/24/2017
COMMENT: Original door opener had worn out by Rex W 9/1/2017
QUESTION: My linear garage door opener will not close with the remote and I must hold the wall switch until the door is totally closed. I realize it is a door sensor issue. I have adjusted them,cleaned them and checked for good wiring connections. The indicator light is a pulsating red and not a bright Steady red LED. Does this indicate both sensors are bad? Both doors do the same thing. by None N 2/13/2016
STAFF ANSWER: sounds like a circuit board issue. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: do I need to buy new remote openers when I replace this part? by None N 10/31/2015
ANSWER: Nope! The ones you have already should work . by tony e a
ANSWER: No. by Rod N a
ANSWER: No, your old remote openers will still work by Vincent f a
ANSWER: No the old one's will work by tony e a
ANSWER: no. by Ray S a
ANSWER: No, this part does not effect remote control operation you can continue to use your current remote controls. by M I a
ANSWER: No. Your remotes will still work as they did before you installed <br />the wall mount. by Jay Y a
QUESTION: how to remove plugs over screws? by None N 9/25/2015
ANSWER: I used a very small flat head screw driver about two-three inches long.<br />you just shove the head of the screw driver gently into a side of the cover and pop it out with a flick of your wrist. by Ray S a
QUESTION: How do I know the lock position? Is this picture here showing in unlocked position? by None N 7/5/2015
ANSWER: Yes on the right button there is a pic of a padlock locked or unlocked by Dave B a
ANSWER: The unlock position will show a padlock that looks unlocked. If your opener is like mine, your picture would be in the unlock position. by Jay Y a
ANSWER: If you Will look closely at the button it has a picture of a lock ?in unlock position.When you push down the button it will have a lock ?picture on it by tony e a
ANSWER: Unlock is down, locked is up by Vincent f a