LiftMaster 635LM Garage Door Opener Universal Plug-In Receiver W/ Built-In Transformer

Liftmaster 635LM Garage Door Opener Universal Plug-In Receiver W/ Built-In Transformer

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The LiftMaster 635LM Garage Door Opener Universal Plug-In Receiver with a Built-In Transformer is easy to install and is compatible with all LiftMaster Security+ remote controls. The 390MHz transformer plugs into any standard polarized 120V, 60Hz AC outlet and hard-wires directly to any garage door opener strip. It comes with a two-conductor bell wire included as well as a built-in door control button. Other features include:

•Momentary contact closure

•Five-amp relay type contact

•A power indicator light

•Push-button Smart Garage Door Opener receiver

•Accepts up to eight Security+ remote control codes or 1 DIP switch and 12 billion code remote control codes

•Accepts one keyless entry code

Compatible with LiftMaster remotes:

One-button LiftMaster 971LM

Two-button LiftMaster 972LM

Three-button LiftMaster 973LM

Wireless Keypad LiftMaster 976LM

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Have 390MHz remotes, 390 is less common so less interference. by Mark J 1/6/2014
COMMENT: I've used this before and it extended the range of our garage door opener. by Jack C 12/31/2013
QUESTION: I have a clicker wireless keyless entry transmitter. Will it work with this receiver Model Klik 2U by None N 5/31/2014
STAFF ANSWER: YEs this will by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this work with My car's Homelink? by None N 4/20/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The 855LM part # will work with your HOmelink system. The 855LM is a homelink repeater kit. Locate it by typing 855LM into the "search" box of <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this unit work on a sears opner 1992 year and up with a green light? by None N 12/1/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Get a 535-2LM<br /><br />It will work for sure. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is Liftmaster 635LM receiver compatible with Wayne Dalton Quantum garage door opener I would like to use the door opener buttons in my new jeep instead of carrying my remote door opener in my suv. The door opener buttons in my Jeep will not accept the codes from my Quantum door opener.<br />Thank you. by Carmen D 4/25/2013
ANSWER: If your door opener has an inside button that is wired with two wires, I think it will work. I used two of these on a Genie and the new style Liftmaster installed by Overhead door. It works with our vehicles as well as the Liftmaster Security + remotes. I even have a Craftsman remote programmed to it. This device works by a momentary contact closure to operate the door. I connected this in parallel with the inside button wiring. by Royce K a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes the 635LM Receiver is compatible with Wayne Dalton Quantum. But I cannot say for sure if it is compatible with your Jeep. You may need additonal items. Here is the Liftmaster tech support phone number, they can tell you what you will need to add on to your system, which is probably going to be a homelink repeater kit. 800-528-9131 get the correct part numbers from them and enter the into the search box of our website to locate them. by Matthew O a