Sears Craftsman Mini Keychain Garage Door Opener Remote 971

Sears Craftsman Mini Keychain Garage Door Opener Remote 971

Item# SEARS-CR-390
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Product Description

1 channel/button transmitter, compatible with models manufactured from 1997-present 390 MHZ Frequency, over 100 billion codes with code rotating technology (Security+) Orange/Amber Color LED LIGHT on back of motor Visor clip and Lithium battery (5 years life w/normal use) included Compatible with ALL Security+ systems, including Chamberlain, Sears, Craftsman and Raynor code rolling residential openers (Safety Signal) Chamberlain 950CB, 953CB, 956CB

See Sears Craftsman Transmitter Compatibility Chart for complete list of Sears Craftsman compatible remotes.

Sears Craftsman Compatible Model #'s

139.53661 139.53677SRT 139.53661SRT 139.53677SRT3 139.53661SRT3 139.53680 139.53662 139.53681 139.53662SRT2 139.53684 139.53663 139.53961 139.53663SRT 139.53961SRT 139.53664 139.53962 139.53664SRT 139.53962SRT 139.53664SRT2 139.53962SRT1 139.53670 139.53963 139.53670SRT1 139.53963SRT 139.53671 139.53964 139.53671SRT 139.53964SRT 139.53671SRT3 139.53966 139.53672 139.53966SRT 139.53672SRT 139.53966SRT1 139.53672SRT2 139.53974 139.53672SRT3 139.53974SRT 139.53673 139.53975 139.53673SRT 139.53975SRT 139.53673SRT3 139.53975SRT1 139.53674 139.53976 139.53674SRT1 139.53976SRT 139.53674SRT2 139.53978 139.53675 139.53978SRT 139.53675SRT2 139.53978SRT1 139.53677

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I chose this product because of it's small size and the ability to add it to my keychain. The list of compatible garage door openers specifically mentioned mine, which was pleasing because I had been having trouble locating something specific. by Jake P 11/18/2015
COMMENT: replacement item by Gerald Y 8/19/2015
QUESTION: will this work on craftsman with purple learn button? by cindi s 7/14/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No, the only purple learn button units are the LIftmaster 890Max. They will work on you craftsman with purple learning button. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this compatible with craftsman remote 139.53879? by Craig V 11/1/2014
ANSWER: Yes that is what I used mine for. by Reynaldo S a
QUESTION: Looking for a key chain remote for sears model#139.53924 garage door opener? by Jack R 8/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Buy the Liftmaster 890MAX... It is fully compatible with the 139.53924 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Have a Craftsman 139.53975SRT1 that came with a 139.53681 3 button remote. Don't use all three buttons. One post by your staff member says this remote can be used for any 390mhz opener with a orange/red Learn button. That's what the 975SRT1 has. The next staff post says this remote cannot. Which is it please? Looking for the smallest possible remote for the 975SRT1 for use on motorcycle keychain. Thanks by None N 7/22/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Get the 890MAX by Liftmaster it is a higher quality remote and works on any craftsman unit with a learn button. by Matthew O a