SkyLink MS-001 Magnetic Switch

SkyLink MS-001 Magnetic Switch
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Used in conjunction with Door/Window sensor WT-433E.

Attaches to all doors, windows, entrances.

Add on for additional doors / windows with WT-433E.

Can stand alone, or used in conjunction with the Skylink system.

Can be connected with other security systems.

Installation is as simple as 1-2-3

1. Remove one of the connection wires from the existing magnetic switch.

2. Connect one of the wires from MS-001 to the existing magnetic switch.

3. Use the provided wire nut to connect the two remaining wires from the MS-001 magnetic switch and the existing magnetic switch.

4. Installation is now completed.

When the door/window is opened, contact is broken and the sensor sends signal to the Control Panel to activate the chime or alarm.

Comments / Questions

QUESTION: Can this switch be wired into a 115 V AC line for a signal light ? by Tom C 11/12/2012