Stanley 370-3352 SecureCode Mini Remote

Stanley 370-3352 SecureCode Mini Remote

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Stanley 370-3352 SecureCode Mini Remote Instruction Manual
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Product Description

When security is a top priority, you'll feel safe with the Stanley remote garage door opener model 370-3352. The Stanley Secure Code garage door opener has 4.2 billion possible code combinations, making it one of the safest remotes you can buy.

This Stanley remote is directly compatible with the following Stanley models: 1698, 3049, 3353, 49438, 49439, 49477, 49476, 49541, 49663, 5901-01, 5902, 5908, 5909, 102-899, 370-3352 and TR300. In addition, it can be used with any of the Stanley Secure Code garage door opener models. Find out more about Stanley security and product specifications in the "Questions" section below.

  • Operates up to 3 garage doors
  • 4.2 billion possible codes for added security
  • Buttons are randomly pre-programmed
  • Powered by 2 3V lithium CR2016 batteries
  • Frequency of 310 MHz
  • 3.25 x 2.00 x 0.75 inches
  • Batteries, visor clip and programming instructions included

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: replacement by Dave L 3/29/2014
QUESTION: Does the remote work with craftsman garage doors at all? by Chris W 9/30/2014
ANSWER: I do not know, we have a Stanley opener by GAIL O a
QUESTION: I am trying to use my car "Homelink" and it won't transfer the signal. I used the fob and the garage unit and neither works. Any suggestions? by None N 4/15/2014
ANSWER: i had no problem with my remotes just had to set up the garge unit to train wth the remotes and both of them work fine. by randall b a
ANSWER: did you have the opener learn the fobs freqence on my opener I had to push t5he learn button then the button on the remote by wayne o a