Universal Garage Door Locking Side Latch Mechanism for 2" or 3" Track

Universal Garage Door Locking Side Latch Mechanism for 2" or 3" Track
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Universal Garage Door Locking Side Latch Mechanism for 2" or 3" Track

7 1/2" Lock Bar with 2 1/8" throw

Suitable for End Stile Mounting

Fits any outside lock handle with 2 3/4" center line from the keyed cylinder spindle to the handle shaft

Activated From Outside With Optional Handle

Use With Optional Rim Cylinder Set

Accomodates Lock Bars Or Cable

Right/Left Installation On 2" Or 3" Track

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: It's what I needed. by Gerald H 6/16/2014
COMMENT: break in by debra p 2/16/2014
QUESTION: Can a garage door opener work when Your slide latch is in use? by None N 3/18/2016
ANSWER: No by Gerald H a
QUESTION: Should I oil or grease this to keep it operating properly? by None N 2/1/2015
ANSWER: Have just recently installed locking latch, and it is working properly. Did not oil prior to installing, may do so later. by DAVID E a
QUESTION: Hello,<br />I want to mount this item on the inside edge of door to be used manually - i.e, to throw the slide manually from the inside and not use with a key or handle drilled through the door from the outside.<br /><br />Can this be mounted to the flush inside surface of the door actually, to the 2" frame? Is there anything that would prevent it being mounted to a flat surface, or do I need to drill a relief hole in the door to make room for any protruding mechanism meant to connect to a handle?<br /><br />Roughly, how wide is the body of the box?<br /><br />Thank you. by None N 7/29/2013
ANSWER: I can't tell you the dimensions, but I mounted this piece on a large manual garage door, on the inside with the bolt sliding into a receiver on the door jamb. I did not need to drill a relief hole and there was no protruding mechanism. It works well. by D A a
ANSWER: I mounted my lock on the inside of my garage doors, at the point where there was already a hole in the frame. No cutting. Made only a start hole into the garage door frame to drill in the provided screws.<br />I took pictures but do not know how to attach them. by Mark K a
QUESTION: Is this easy to install? by None N 1/3/2013
ANSWER: Yes. I used self-tapping screws to install into the metal frame. <br />If you are replacing an existing locking mechanism then it should just attach to the same spots. You might need some addition nuts and screws.<br />I installed them as an additional deterrent and did not attach them to a center release. These were installed so once the car was in the garage you could manually lock the door from the inside so the door would not open. by R O a
ANSWER: I replaced a broken latch with this one. It was very easy to install. by D A a