Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K

Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K

Item# genie-mat90-remote-garage-door-mini-transmitt
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Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21KGenie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21KPrice: $25.00Sale: $12.10
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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has the Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K. Its size makes it ideal for a motorcycle garage door opener. Testimonials for the Genie MAT90 and answers to your questions are available on the website question and answer section. It has the following features:

1 button transmitter for Genie non-IntelliCode garage door openers .

One channel transmitter for operation of one garage door opener.

12 Dip Switches for Genie 12 bit systems .

Mini key chain size remote.

Great for purse or motorcycle use.

Battery and key ring included.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I needed an opener for my Harley and this key chain one will work just fine. by Dale L 12/2/2014
COMMENT: good quality by D J 11/18/2014
QUESTION: Is this remote easy to sync with home garage openers? by thori n 6/25/2014
ANSWER: yes, absolutely by A T a
ANSWER: This unit does not "sync" in the typical sense of the word. It has 12 dip switches that are set to the same on/off settings as in the garage door opener unit. You have to open both the remote and the opener unit and match the switches to the same settings. by Ken S a
ANSWER: as how as your base unit has a learn button - sync is a no brianer - press the learn button sometimes you have hold it down until a light comes on - then while the light is on - press the button on the remote --- then the light should flash or go off - depending on the type of base unit by Robert B a
ANSWER: very easy if u know your number seqence has little up down dip switches inside of unit took me about five minutes you will need a small phillips screw driver to seperate the halfs pry open gently theres a small alignment tab that could be broken if not careful after opening remove battery insulators and install battery and then set your switches the same as your door this is not used for rolling code style openers hope this helped you by Karla J a
ANSWER: I have had this remote for a long time. I believe that you look at the pins in the garage door opener and set the remote pins to match. You just push them up or down like the pins in the garage door opener or just match them to you old remote pins. This is a great product. by B R a
ANSWER: Yes i had no problem setting it up: by Betsy l a
ANSWER: Yes just buy it. by B U a
ANSWER: Very easy to sync and user friendly. by Patti J a
QUESTION: Will this work for the excelerator opener? by shon p 10/10/2013
ANSWER: I am sorry, I don't know. I love the one I have however. by J W a
ANSWER: If yours has the intellicode system it will not work. This one only works with the 12 small slider switches on both the remote and the opener by Frank N a
ANSWER: Yes, we use on two of our garage doors and they work just fine. I think we have been using them for a year now, totally trouble free. by C H a
REPLY: Thank you for the reply. Just so Im understanding correct,your openers say excelerator on the cover? by shon p r
REPLY: Hi Shon: It does not show excelerator on either one but looking at the pic they match as shown the pic . Mat90 replaced the original black that with the opener when new. by C H r
QUESTION: will this remote replace genie model GMI-3BL? by sylvio l 8/29/2013
ANSWER: Yes by C H a
ANSWER: It works great. by B R a
ANSWER: yes but it isn't as good by T I a
STAFF ANSWER: NO. You need the Genie G3t-bx by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Does this come with a battey Thx. Is it easy to open so as to open/close the pins to desired numbers Thx. by Sheila R 8/19/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, to all of your questions. by Matthew O a