Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K

Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K

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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has the Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K. Its size makes it ideal for a motorcycle garage door opener. Testimonials for the Genie MAT90 and answers to your questions are available on the website question and answer section. It has the following features:

1 button transmitter for Genie non-IntelliCode garage door openers .

One channel transmitter for operation of one garage door opener.

12 Dip Switches for Genie 12 bit systems .

Mini key chain size remote.

Great for purse or motorcycle use.

Battery and key ring included.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Didn't like that garage door openers are left in cars outside the garage. by Susan K 8/4/2015
QUESTION: I have carefully set the combo to the same settings as my Genie 912 remote. I have checked and rechecked. Yes the battery has been removed and the plastic insulator removed. The light comes on but the door will not open. the old remote still works.<br /><br />What next? by Mike S 4/10/2015
ANSWER: Mine worked fine, until it was washed in clothes washer. Maybe yours is damaged, or you have the wrong model for your application, Joe A by Joe P a
ANSWER: May have to check dip switches on main unit by Mary M a
ANSWER: The slide switches are very tiny. One or more of the switches may not be pushed far enough to the correct side to be fully engaged. I had to use a miniature screw driver to firmly push each of the slide switches into their correct positions. by Lee M a
QUESTION: 12 volt? by k k 1/22/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can this remote replace a genie 912 12 dip switch garage door opener? by None N 1/14/2015
ANSWER: yes by Richard C a
ANSWER: I used this remote to replace a Genie Model GT90-1 remote. This remote is a 12 dip switch unit. The garage door unit is a Genie Pro-88 unit installed in 1995. It appears that the 912 and GT90-1 units both work off of the older 390 MHz frequency. It should work. by Ken S a
ANSWER: it should be replacement for your unit if dip switch arrangment is the same simple to figure out be careful when removing back of new unit un clip slowly after removing small screw gentley pry apart by Karla J a
ANSWER: the interchange with the 12 dip switch configuration is flawless. Operation is not quite so flawless. The replacement doesn't have the range or ability to send signal through car windows very well. Often it is necessary to hold the unit out the car window to make it work. by David W a
ANSWER: Yes. I've had one of those, and ones even older. My opener is a Genie that is about 20 yrs old. It has the 12 dip switches. To the mini remote will any with 12 dip switches. by Dale F a
ANSWER: Ours was a 12 dip blue max opener. Genie bought them out a long time ago. We set code from our old device and it has worked great. by Sheryl K a
ANSWER: Yes, this remote can replace a Genie 912 12 DIP Switch Garage Door Opener. On the replacement, we have found we need to open it up and take tape a top of a flat thumb tack to the inside of the button to make better contact. by John K a
STAFF ANSWER: It can replace the 12 dip switch units Not the 9 switch. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this remote easy to sync with home garage openers? by thori n 6/25/2014
ANSWER: yes, absolutely by A T a
ANSWER: This unit does not "sync" in the typical sense of the word. It has 12 dip switches that are set to the same on/off settings as in the garage door opener unit. You have to open both the remote and the opener unit and match the switches to the same settings. by Ken S a
ANSWER: as how as your base unit has a learn button - sync is a no brianer - press the learn button sometimes you have hold it down until a light comes on - then while the light is on - press the button on the remote --- then the light should flash or go off - depending on the type of base unit by Robert B a
ANSWER: very easy if u know your number seqence has little up down dip switches inside of unit took me about five minutes you will need a small phillips screw driver to seperate the halfs pry open gently theres a small alignment tab that could be broken if not careful after opening remove battery insulators and install battery and then set your switches the same as your door this is not used for rolling code style openers hope this helped you by Karla J a
ANSWER: I have had this remote for a long time. I believe that you look at the pins in the garage door opener and set the remote pins to match. You just push them up or down like the pins in the garage door opener or just match them to you old remote pins. This is a great product. by B R a
ANSWER: Yes i had no problem setting it up: by Betsy l a
ANSWER: Yes just buy it. by B U a
ANSWER: Very easy to sync and user friendly. by Patti J a