LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-1M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-1M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC050-1M Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Instruction Manual
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Product Description

This replacement circuit board, part number 41AC050-1M, fits several LiftMaster Chamberlain garage door openers and is identical to earlier circuit boards with the 41AC050-1 part number. The final letter designates a model year change, so as long as the rest of the part numbers are the same, the circuit boards are interchangeable.

A bad circuit board is a common cause of problems with garage door openers, and replacing a faulty board with a new one from North Shore Commercial Door is a quicker and less expensive fix that replacing the entire unit.

This replacement circuit board fits the following LiftMaster Chamberlain models:






North Shore Commercial Door is a family-owned company with more than 35 years of experience providing garage door openers and parts for residential and commercial use. We have the expertise to help you find the parts you need. You can search by part number, using our search form, or consult our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart for a list of replacement parts compatible with your model of garage door opener. Another option is to post your questions using our Comments/Questions section. You’ll and get advice and answers from our experienced staff and from our customers, many of whom are professional installers.

North Shore Commercial Door recommends protecting your new replacement circuit board from damage caused by electrical surges by simultaneously installing a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector. We make it easy by offering a special combo price when you order both the replacement circuit board and the surge protector together.

The 41AC050-1M replaces the old part number 41AC050-4M

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: To repair remote control operation of unit by Darrell H 8/11/2015
COMMENT: great price by Audrey M 7/15/2015
ANSWER: I am sorry but I cannot help you. The garage door you are referring to is in another state so I cannot even go look at it. I wish you luck. by Maggie F a
STAFF ANSWER: please order the 371LM by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Yes, you can purchase a LiftMaster Chamberlain remote contol that will work with this unit. Some universal remotes will also work. Check the specs for which models are compatable. by Mark H a
QUESTION: I see that this circuit board works for Model #3255 but does it also work for Model #3255M? by None N 6/25/2014
ANSWER: Sorry, I don't know by David W a
ANSWER: It did for me! by Mark D a
QUESTION: I have the 3255 and the remotes and keypad no longer work. I reprogrammed them to work, it took a while as they the system would not complete the learn action, but when they finally “sync” and the system “learns” they seem to work, but a bit later the remotes and keypad stop working again. Do I need to replace the board or could it be something else? by None N 5/28/2014
ANSWER: Replaced 4 separate boards of which 2 of them did as you describe , sorry but sounds like your board is history by E S a
QUESTION: Is it possbile to replace this logic board for one that has the MyQ? by Pablo S 5/9/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You cannot swap the circuit board to make it myQ... But if your Operator is currently newer than 1998 and Made by the Chamberlian Liftmaster group you can buy the Liftmaster MyQPCK and that will convert your system to a MYq system. by Matthew O a