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Liftmaster 41AS050R2 Receiver logic board assembly (Model 3240 - 315 MHz)

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If your garage door opening system is malfunctioning, you may only need to replace the system’s circuit board, not the whole system. Common problems, such as unresponsive keyboards and remote controls or erratic sensors, could be a circuit board issue. Fortunately, replacing the circuit board is an inexpensive and simple process. At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry an extensive selection of logic boards for every Chamberlain LiftMaster system model. Easy to install, program and adjust, the LiftMaster 41AS050R2 receiver logic board can replace 41AS050R2M circuit boards and is compatible with Chamberlain LiftMaster 3240 (315MHz) garage door systems. To ensure your system is compatible with the 41AS050R2 circuit board, please review the Chamberlain LiftMaster Circuit Board Compatibility Chart. In most cases, installing the 41AS050R2 circuit board can be achieved without the aid of a professional. However, when installing and programming your circuit board, there are important safety measures that should be taken.
• Make sure to disconnect power to the garage door opener system.
• If applicable, have someone in the home assist with the installation.
• The safety reversal system must be check numerous times to ensure correct adjustments. (The safety reversal system should continue to be checked once a month.) For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to safely install, program and make adjustments to your new circuit board, please reference the Chamberlain circuit board 41AS050R2 Product Manual. Power surges are the leading cause for a faulty circuit board, so we recommend using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to safeguard your replacement. With correct installation, programming and a safeguard in place to protect against surges, a replacement 41AS050R2 circuit board can ensure the future performance of your garage door opener system.