LiftMaster 412HM Gate and Garage Door Opener Universal Coaxial Receiver with Security+® - 390MHz

Liftmaster 412HM Gate and Garage Door Opener Universal Coaxial Receiver with Security+® - 390MHz

This item is discontinued.
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Liftmaster 850LM Universal Gate and Garage Door Opener ReceiverLiftmaster 850LM Universal Gate and Garage Door Opener Receiver
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Product Description

The LiftMaster 412HM Universal Coaxial 390MHz Receiver with Security+ available at North Shore Commercial Door has a high-security memory to store up to 15 Security+ remote control or keyless entry codes and a normal security memory to store up to 31 LiftMaster remote control codes of any type. Coming equipped with an external 8” whip antenna, the LiftMaster 412HM Universal Coaxial Receiver provides a jumper selection for either constant or momentary contact, and it comes with two-piece aluminum case with a cover that detaches. It works with the following remote controls:

One-button - LiftMaster 971LM

Two-button - LiftMaster 972LM

Three-button - LiftMaster 973LM

Wireless Keypad - LiftMaster 976LM

Additional product features include:

•FCC certified 390MHZ

•Security+® rolling code technology and/or billion code/DIP switch compatibility

•3-year warranty

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Had power surge and this unit failed. by Mark J 1/6/2014
COMMENT: Replacement for one that went crazy by Gene G 11/30/2013
QUESTION: Can I use the 412HMM receiver to operate a "Victory" gate opener<br />And can I program it to work with a "Homelink" remote in my Chrysler car like my Liftmaster garage door opener with a 973LM remote<br />Thank you<br />Jerry Hampel by None N 3/3/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Usually you need an 855LM repeater kit for it to work with homelink.<br /><br />The 412 is essentially universal. How many remotes do you want to have on the gate If no more than 100 I recommend 850lm by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this receiver compatible with the Apollo 1500/1600? by None N 10/7/2013
ANSWER: It will be if the frequency is the same. Must be the 390MHz. It just sends a momentary close signal - but on that frequency. by D Z a
STAFF ANSWER: The receiver is universal it just needs to be wired to the apollo gate. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: can receiver412lm be replaced with 412hm? by Charles m 2/15/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The 412HM is the High Memory version and it is 390 Mhz by Matthew O a