LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch

Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch

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Control your house lights remotely and do it with the simple press of a button when you have the LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch available at North Shore Commercial Door. Compatible only with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 garage door openers, Security+ 2.0 remote controls, and accessories enabled by MyQ technology, the LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch replaces the function of a single light switch.

•Turn on garage or house lights with garage door opener remote control

•Control lights via computer or smartphone with LiftMaster Internet Gateway

•Wall plate not included

•For a complete list of MyQ-enabled accessories, click here.

• Chamberlain WSLCEV

• Craftsman Assurelink 139.21255

When using this product in conjunction with the Liftmaster MyQ app and internet gateway; you will be able to control this light switch from anywhere in the world as long as you have internett access. Control the Light switch with your Smartphone , Tablet , Laptop , or a computer. One of these light switches can have up to 8 Securtiy+2.0 remote controls and a combonation of up to 8 MyQ Garage Door Operators or Internet Gateway Deivces. If you sync this light switch to turn on and off when you open the garage; then other light features of the garage door operator will be applied. Example: If your garage door opener light turns on when motion is sensed, the 823LM will turn on as well. Chamberlain Liftmaster manufactures this product with 3 part numbers; 823LM & WSLCEV, and 139.34321 . This is compatible with all Chamberlain MyQ , Liftmaster MyQ , and Sears Craftsman Assurelink Garage door openers. MAX and EV series remotes can be programmed to this Light Switch.


• The 823LM can handle compact fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and traditional light bulbs

• Max Load Rating of this remote light switch is 300 Watts

• Incandescent Lamp : 300 Watts

• CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp : 2.5 Amps

• 120VAC Voltage

• Not for use with 3-way or 4-way switches

• Chamberlain WSLCEV

• Craftsman Assurelink 139.34321

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: To use with my assurelink by Judith P 9/16/2014
COMMENT: Wife likse the garage door opener with internet and this will add to that by Christopher S 8/23/2014
QUESTION: I have 6 lights on a fence I want to turn on from 895 max remote in car. 300 watt is too light I need 600 watt. What is choice Any? by John Z 7/13/2014
ANSWER: If you can set your lights on separate switches, you can program multiple switches to a single remote button. by Aaron L a
ANSWER: I would do one of 2 things...Switch all the light bulbs to LED. by Kenneth M a
QUESTION: Do you know if these will work with the Chamberlain MyQ openers and app I have purchased the Liftmaster Gateway and that worked just fine. Thanks. by joe f 7/9/2014
ANSWER: Yes. I have two. No issues. by Joe V a
ANSWER: AssureLink is a product of The Chamberlain Group, the world's largest manufacturer of garage door openers. Chamberlain makes Craftsman openers as well as Chamberlain and Liftmaster MyQ, its own branded internet-connected technology. The 823LM will work with either system as long as you have one of their Internet gateways installed. Chamberlain, Sears and Liftmaster are all made by Chamberlain and are all compadiable. Their apps are all the same, just a diff name on them. by Jim M a
ANSWER: All MyQ products are interoperable. No problems here. Liftmaster is just Chamberlain that is distributed by garage door installers.<br /><br />Just be mindful, that the switch cannot be wired for 3-way or 4-way switching. If your light or whatever the switch controls can be controlled by 2 or more switches, this will not work. If just one switch controls the light, you are good to go. by Eric E a
ANSWER: Yes, it will work with MyQ app & door openers if you have liftmaster gateway and it's working with no issues. by Christian J a
ANSWER: Yes. I use them with the opener and app. Work great. by Steven P a
QUESTION: I have installed the switch and using the panel the lights switched off, but now i can't get them to turn on. and i can't get the indicator light to come on. Everything is wired correctly and a brand new home. Very confused about what is going on? by None N 1/31/2014
ANSWER: Hi I have to confess ignorance. My switches are still sitting on the counter as I have been tied up and have not found time to install them. I know you said they're wired correctly but I am wondering if having the line and load connections switched The two black wires in the house might be causing the problem. This is only speculation on my part but my theory could be tested by plugging the switch into a wall outlet and using a table lamp as a load. by Thomas M a
ANSWER: I have an older home and discovered that it absolutely will not work without a ground wire. The switch itself is a bit different turning on and off too.<br /><br />Have you tried via the wireless gateway? by NICHOLAS F a
QUESTION: I'm interested in the Liftmaster Remote Light Switch 823LM. Do you have any idea what the range in distance this light switch has <br /><br /><br />I want to operate it with a Liftmaster emote control 895max or my Homelink button in my car. by Ed H 11/26/2013
ANSWER: I have a 4k Sq ft home 2 story with basement, with my gateway centrally located in the house it reaches every room in the house including garage and have no issues with my 823LM remote light switches or 825LM remote light control units. Its works awesome, wish I had purchased long ago. by Christian J a
ANSWER: I use this switch and it works great! The range is about the same as my Lifmaster remote control I use for my door. by D F a
ANSWER: With your remote it's about 200 feet, however if you operate it off the app on your smartphone it can be used as far as Kauai . We used ours several times while in Hawaii . That was only on our smartphone. On occasion you have to reset and reload all your switches on the computer. Otherwise it won't work. by M N a
ANSWER: I use mine with three remotes. The remote light switch controls some high intensity LED and Fluorescent fixtures in my steel sided garage with glass in the side door. I have one remote in the home also steel sided that works from about 40' away. <br /><br />I use another remote in my cars. When steel garage door is open I can control the interior lights from about 150' away with car remote. When steel door is closed the remote reliably controls the remote light switch from about 75' away. by Jeff N a
ANSWER: It's about 40 feet or so with 895max. Also this product won't program to homelink unless the vehicle is 2004 or newer. Found that out that hard way. Will definitely work with 895max though. by Mike N a
ANSWER: I am sorry but I do not know the answer to your question. I purchased it for someone else so I do not know waht the range is. Sorry : by Dorcas B a
STAFF ANSWER: The 895MAX with operate this light switch and They get very good range. A few hundred feet some customers have reported. by Matthew O a