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Liftmaster 882LM Wall Console

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The LiftMaster 882LM Wall Console enables you to control your garage door and opener lights with a multi-function control panel that operates opener lights from inside the garage. You also get an adjustable light timer and large push button. With the LiftMaster 882LM Wall Console, you can program remote controls and MyQ-enabled accessories directly from the control panel with ease.

Features include:

•Adjustable light timer (pre-set at 4 1/2 minutes)

•Maintenance Alert System

•Locks out all outside remote control signals while you're away

•Program remote control & accessories directly from the control panel

•Connected via Bell Wire

This model is only compatible with Security+ 2.0 garage door openers enabled with MyQ technology. Compatible units include:
units with a yellow Learn Button (Security+ 2.0, 310, 315, and 390MHZ) Model numbers:
- 8065
- 8155
- 8165
- 8355
- 8360
- 8365-267
- 8500
- 8550
- 8557
- 8587