US Automatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener w/ 2-Remotes

US Automatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener w/ 2-Remotes
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US Automatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener w/ 2-Remotes
US Automatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener w/ 2-Remotes
Product Description
Automatic slide gate operator

The US Automatic Patriot RSL Slide Gate Opener provides fast, hands-free operation of sliding gates. It can be operated using one of the 2 included remote controls. Patriot gate openers are available in your choice of AC or solar styles. AC motorized gate openers can be used with gates up to 32 feet wide while solar styles should only be used with gates with up to a 24-foot opening.

The automatic gate opener from North Shore Commercial Door has a number of great features to help streamline its operation. It is compatible with several accessories including photo eyes and can be used in personal, light commercial or agricultural applications. The double slide automatic gate opener also comes with a built-in timer to close the gate after a specific amount of time. The slide gate operator is smooth, quiet and versatile.


sliding gate opener

Made in the USA

Warranty: 5 year control board / 3 year all other components

2 - LCR 2 button transmitters Included

Pre-wired solar friendly LCR dual channel receiver

Same control board for Single, Dual or Slide operator

Solar or AC charged with solar friendly Smart charge controller

Designed to operate with all types of solar friendly accessories without adding solar panels

Independent Gate 1 and Gate 2 sensitivity adjustment

Soft stop selectable

Battery powered providing real battery backup. Not 1 cycle

Built in Timer to Close

Photo Eye Power Management (PEPM) solar friendly software

For residential, light commercial, farm and ranch use

Patriot RSL is designed for gates with 24 feet of leading gate edge travel if solar charged

Patriot RSL is designed for gates with 32 feet of leading gate edge travel if AC charged

Danaher gear motor with brake

Heavy duty ABS molded cover

Shipping Weight: 2 Boxes 70 lbs./20 lbs.

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COMMENT: I have a huge gate and after weeks of reviews this model kept coming up as one of the best by David G 6/11/2015
COMMENT: Made in US has a great rating and need a sliding gate opener by Sheila F 8/19/2014
QUESTION: We need to replace an aging RSL with a new one. Is that something we can do ourselves or do we need a professional installer? by Chuck A 10/21/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Hello,<br />This will come with instructions. You should be able to install yourself but it is always easier to have a professional install it. If your looking to place an order please feel free to give me a call at 800-783-6112 ext. 12 or ask for Taylor. by Taylor M a
ANSWER: My brother-in-law did it for me. he worked on garage doors for a living so he does have some knowledge of how to do this kind of work ? by Sheila F a
ANSWER: It depends how savvy you are try and see where the installer bolted in the RSL if you can manage to take those bolts out usually tap bolts you can just drop the new one in there make sure you take pictures of everything before removing to include the wiring on the circuit card that is very important. If tap bolts where used you need to unscrew them then pry them out and use new ones if not you can use the old bolts to put it back in. Also the wiring is just as important if you are already lost at what I'm saying I suggest you get an installer and save yourself a lot of aggravation. by David G a
QUESTION: does it come with the chain? whats in the box by David G 6/9/2015
ANSWER: thanks appreciated by David G a
STAFF ANSWER: On the web page there is a PDF file that is labeled "Click here to Download" and that is the instruction manul. Download that and it will give you a full break down of what is in the box. by Matthew O a
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