• All-settings swing gate operator w/ options for metal housing and solar panel

US Automatic Ranger HD Swing Gate Operator DUAL

MSRP: $3,090.47 - $3,371.43
$2,809.52 - $2,979.63
  • All-settings swing gate operator w/ options for metal housing and solar panel
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US Automatic Ranger HD Swing Gate Operator Dual| is a thorough revamp of the of the US Automatic Ranger Dual 500. With an elongated Linear-crafted pull-or-push actuating arm. The Ranger HD has a UL 325 compatible rating for all 4 classes of gates from simple residential to commercial/industrial up to restricted use as for institutional. The Ranger HD is a low-maintenance, long-term, dependable solution for any dual-arm, two-leaf swing gate need. Has soft start and stop programming, features for fine-tuning of operation limits and safety attributes. All Ranger HD kits include receiver which has 2 channels: an especially useful feature for a two-leaf gate need. The maintenance and installer-friendly adjustability includes twist-knob limit adjusters, push-buttons to test open and close of gate, toggle switches and numerous LED indicators all crafted directly into the control board. No fumbling with a dusty manual for error codes or opening the tool box for every simple maintenance test. Faster, cleaner operation of moving parts and minimal disassembly for adjustments or to add accessories (see below) means everything stays strong for much longer. With two arms, this operator can serve the needs of a 2-leaf, up to 30 foot wide gate opening. Use for entry/exit for your farm, gated community, estate, ranch, factory, loading dock, multi-unit, hotel, garage, park, municipal facility or other institutional need. RANGER HD Dual Gate AC Operated unit (020517) comes with US Automatic 020570 Control Box Assembly US Automatic 020570 Control Box Assembly which includes hinged front cover and contains the control board (RED version). Standard model is hard-polymer non-corrosive cabinet. Actuator arm for the RANGER HD is Linear 24 inch-stroke (510006) and can open/close a single gate up to 800 lbs (depending on length). This option has (2) USAutomatic LCR Transmitter Remote Control for Patriot & Ranger Gate Openers keyring two-button transmitters and includes US Automatic 030200 Ranger LCR Receiver hardwire receiver, for open/close gate. Comes with US Automatic 550011 Through-Beam Photo-Eyes thru-beam photo-eye set (plus required secondary alert siren). Real-life-needs 20+ cycle battery backup-regulator/float charger* plus all basic hardware and essential wiring. RANGER HD Dual Gate Solar Charged (020513)This configuration comes with the 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (520026) that includes a securing bottom bracket for mounting. Solar option comes with the same (2) actuator arms, housing, transmitters, photo-eyes, control board and hardware. The solar model is engineered for remote needs that aren’t near an immediate, nearby power source. Ideal for agricultural, ranching, aviation, athletic fields or you’re simply a sustainability-minded consumer who still needs an operator with performance, this is a great option. RANGER HD Dual AC Operated w/ 4-Season All-Duty Galvanized Operator Housing* (020521) If you have trucks, livestock or heavy foot traffic near the physical location of the operator, this box will minimize risk of damage from bumps or other shock. Includes everything in the standard package with added ruggedness of USAutomatic 600020 Complete Cabinet stable, metal enclosure. With battery-powerable photo-eyes, this is essentially a stand-alone swing-gate operation for the toughest needs. RANGER HD Dual Solar Charged w/ 4-Season All-Duty Galvanized Operator Housing* (020523) A top-level set-up for harsh, remote gate operation needs. Includes everything in solar package plus USAutomatic 600020 Complete Cabinet metal enclosure. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS SPECS & TECH
  • Works for the following classes of gate
    • I-Residential
    • II-Commercial/General
    • III-Industrial/Limited
    • IV-Restricted Access
  • Battery Charging power: 120V DC adapter or Solar Panel
  • Battery Controller
    • Feat. 12/24 VDC batt detection
    • Enables 20 cycles/day for a week if AC power goes out
    • Battery back up 20 cycles per day for 1 week on full charge
  • Standard Solar kit (520026) : 10 Watt panel
  • Standard Solar kit: 10 watts
    • Max Solar panel: max 130 watts
    • Solar option requires solar-friendly accessories (recommended for all operators)
    • Solar power gives 11 to 32 cycles per day depending on climate and daylight conditions for RANGER HD
  • Safety Auxiliaries and Included Accessories
  • (2) USAutomatic LCR Transmitter Remote Control
  • Two-Button Visor Transmitters can operate up to 300 ft.
  • Operator comes with orange top-banner pictographic warning stamps for end-use to install and enhance safety elements of the UL 325 compatiblity of RANGER HD Dual
*Please note: all RANGER HD models require a battery for any type of use. Required batteries must be 30 aH (amp hour) minimum, sealed and non-lithium. These batteries are commonly called lawn-tractor type or used for similar applications. The housing is designed to accommodate a battery of this size.)*