LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483-1C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board.

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483-1C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board.

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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483-1C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board. Instruction Manual
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Product Description

If your LiftMaster model 2245 or 2255 garage door opener no longer works right because of a faulty circuit board, get it back to working order with a replacement circuit board, part number 41A5483-1, from North Shore Commercial Door. Circuit board 41A5483-1 is interchangeable with circuit board 41A5483-1C. The final letter indicates the model year, but the two parts are identical.

Many times, a failure of the garage door opener can be traced to the circuit board, and replacing one is a fairly simple job. So you can avoid the expense and additional headache of changing the entire unit by getting a replacement circuit board from North Shore Commercial Door.

North Shore Commercial Door is a family-owned business with more than 35 years of experience providing solutions for residential and commercial applications, so our staff has the knowledge to help you get the right parts. If you are replacing a circuit board, enter its part number in our search function to find a replacement. You can also check compatibility by using Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart. Finally, a third way to find what you need or get answers to your questions is to use our Comments/Questions section and get responses from both our expert staff and our customers, many of whom are professional installers themselves.

If you are replacing a circuit board, protect your new part by installing a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector. North Shore Commercial Door recommends use of a surge protector and we offer a special package price when you buy the surge protector and the circuit board at the same time.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Very competitive price. by LAWRENCE C 9/8/2014
QUESTION: My model lists a 41A5483-1 without the "C". Is this the correct part? by Charles M 1/30/2015
ANSWER: I used this same unit on a Raynor garage door opener and it worked perfect. About a 15 to 30 minute install. You may have to retrain your remotes. by LAWRENCE C a
QUESTION: Is this part the same as 41A5483-1B? by None N 7/15/2014
ANSWER: Yes .May be different feature in function by David l a
ANSWER: Yes it worked great. installation was fast and easy. by L A a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Opener works fine and works from keyless or 3 button remote. bought two one button remotes and they work just fine, but when I program the new ones, the old ones stop working...if I program the old ones, the new ones stop working.<br /><br />How many remotes can the 41A5483 handle?<br /><br />Any advice? by None N 1/25/2014
STAFF ANSWER: They can handle about 7. You are likely programming wrong. Call 800-528-9131 for programming instructions. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My opener randomly shuts off, meaning that it powers down. The light on the garage switch turns off, the main light too, and it doesn't respond. If I leave it alone, it will usually come back on anywhere from a few minutes to tens of hours later. If I slap it with my hand, it will usually power up. I've taken it apart and see nothing obvious like a loose connector. Any clues? It's driving me nuts!! by mark f 10/21/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Your board is defective and should be replaced. by Matthew O a