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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E Low Profile Screw Drive Logic Board

Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E Low Profile Screw Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E Low Profile Screw Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E Low Profile Screw Drive Logic Board
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Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E Low Profile Screw Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E Low Profile Screw Drive Logic Board
Product Description
When your garage door opener system begins to malfunction; it’s not only frustrating, it can be dangerous for you and your family. Fortunately, the reason for your system’s failure may simply be due to a faulty circuit board, and replacing a Chamberlain logic board a simple process. In most cases, it can be done yourself without the need of professional help. At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry circuit boards for every LiftMaster Chamberlain model.

The LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1E circuit board is compatible with both 2110 1/3 HP and 2210 1/2 HP LiftMaster Low Profile Screw Drive Systems. To ensure your model is compatible with the 41A5389-1E, please visit our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart. Replacing your circuit board in these models may resolve any problems you may have with the keyboard, remote or sensor. For information regarding how to easily replace the circuit board, please see the 41A5389 Owner’s Manual.

Once you’ve successfully installed your new logic board, programming your remote controls is also a simple process.

Press and release the Learn button on motor unit. An indicator light will begin to glow.
Press and hold the remote’s button you wish to program while the indicator light is on.
When the indicator light begins to blink, your system is now programmed with the remote.

Once you’ve installed and programmed your new circuit board, it is important to test the Safety Reverse System and make adjustments accordingly. Steps on how to do so are also found on the owner’s manual. As a safeguard against future malfunction, we suggest using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector, as faulty circuit boards are commonly caused by powers surges and lightning strikes.
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COMMENT: lightening hit my opener, I am a single 75 year old woman and I think I can fix this myself and save money instead of new opener. by Naida L 8/12/2017
COMMENT: needed part by Barbara W 11/8/2016
QUESTION: Hello... we came home to a garage door the wouldn't open. We have the Chamberlain liftmaster 2220. The diagnostic light blinked 5 times and since the door wasn't moving at all we decided to replace the logic board. It worked for a short time even though the diagnostic light continued to blink 5 times. Then the unit stopped working altogether again. So we decided to replace the rpm sensor... and it still isn't working. The diagnostic light still blinks 5 times... ...Is it necessary to replace the interrupter cup that came with the rpm sensor? At this point we didn't replace that part since we have to take practically the whole unit apart. by None N 8/1/2014
QUESTION: My board does not have the "E" at the end. Will it work? by None N 7/19/2014
ANSWER: The "E" is a Revision designation of the original board, it will work perfectly. by Mike S a
ANSWER: It works just fine on my unit. Simple replacement. by M A a
QUESTION: I have a problem with me door garage, will close down then will races up a bout 6 in inches? by francisco j 4/15/2013
ANSWER: Quite frankly, there isn't enough information to diagnose a problem, or even if there is one.<br />1 by Joseph M a
ANSWER: Adjust the down force screw on the back of the unit by J E a
ANSWER: Is this after replacing the circuit board? The reason I asked is the settings on the replacement circuit board is factory settings. If you haven't replaced the circuit board, have you changed the load of the garage door screw? It does exactly what you just said when you start messing with the settings of the load. <br />Also, if you have eliminated that the problem is not the eye sensors, then it is the circuit board. If you just have a recent storm or electrical surge, it probably fried the circuit board partially. Sometimes, a little power surge, especially if you don't have a surge protector on your garage door opener, will fry the circuit board. by Rene Carlos C a
ANSWER: Check that nothing is under door, check that eyes are working, check door adjustment. by C C a
ANSWER: maybe try and clean the "eyes" on each side of the door...hope this helps by K E a
QUESTION: My model is Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5389-1B....will this work as a replacement circuit board? by None N 11/10/2012
ANSWER: I googled the serial # and there where charts that provide the control board for that serial #. by M H a
ANSWER: i contacted liftmaster themselves because the numbers weren't the same anymore when trying to order. i think it will work, but i would call them and make sure what numbers or letters, the B or E on the end, has changed. this was the cheapest place to get them for sure, thanks by K E a
ANSWER: It worked for me. by F R a
ANSWER: Yes! 1E is an update version. by S C a
ANSWER: Yes, the circuit board did fix the problem but the lightning storm damaged the infrared sensors at the bottom of garage door as well. So be sure to check the sensors before ordering all parts! by L A a
ANSWER: I purchased this board for a craftsman garage door opener actually but the part no. matched up and it worked fine and was not hard to install, hope this helps. by L G a
ANSWER: Yes. The -E on the part number is signifying revision E 5 of the design. Interestingly, when mine died it also was -B. Spooky eh?<br /><br />Best of luck. Replacement is easy. by J M a
ANSWER: Its working fine in mine. by J E a
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