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LiftMaster 045ACTMC Logic Board

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A malfunctioning garage door opening system can put your household at risk. Not only is a faulty system an inconvenience, a malfunctioning safety reverse system can be extremely dangerous, especially when small children are involved. If your remotes or keypads have become unresponsive or if you sensors have become inconsistent, you may not need to replace the whole system to restore functionality. These issues are commonly caused by a faulty circuit board. Fortunately, replacing your circuit board is inexpensive, and in most cases, can be installed without the aid of a professional. The Chamberlain 45ACT LiftMaster logic board is compatible with a number of LiftMaster models. Equipped with a Learn button, the 45ACT circuit board is not only simple to install, it is also simple to program the remote controls and adjust the travel and drive controls. For step-by-step instructions regarding installing, programming and adjusting your LiftMaster logic board, please reference your model’s owner manual, many of which can be found in our comprehensive catalog of Product Manuals. The garage door opener system models the 45ACT circuit board is compatible with include:
  • LiftMaster 8355 Belt Drive Opener
  • LiftMaster 8557 Belt Drive Opener
  • LiftMaster 8587 Chain Drive Opener
  • Chamberlain C400
  • This part replaces Legacy Part numbers: 41D7675, 041D7675, 001D7675, 1D7675, 45ACCR, 45ACBR, 45ACCL, 45ACBL, 41D7656.
Additional models are also compatible with the 45ACT logic board. If you have a question concerning your system’s compatibility, please use our Ask a Question feature. At North Shore Commercial Door, we understand that the faster you replace your 8557, 8587 or LiftMaster 8355 logic board, the sooner your household is safe. For this reason, we typically ship your circuit board within one business day. After installation, we recommend using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to safeguard your replacement LiftMaster logic board, as power surges and lighting strikes are common reasons for faulty boards.