Genie Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board 30901S (20399R.S)

Genie Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board 30901S (20399R.S)

Item# 30901S
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Genie Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board 30901S (20399R.S)Genie Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board 30901S (20399R.S)Price: $64.00Sale: $51.99
Garage Door Opener Surge ProtectorGarage Door Opener Surge ProtectorPrice: $14.95Sale: $9.50
Combo Price: $61.49

Product Description

If you have diagnosed the problem with a faulty garage door opener as originating in the device’s sequencer board, a replacement sequencer board may be the answer. Uninstalling and replacing the sequencer board is an easy, quick fix that is much less expensive than buying a new garage door opener system, particularly when you purchase the replacement sequencer board at North Shore Commercial Door Co. The Genie Company has updated the model numbers of many of its products and this Genie 30901.S sequencer board has similar specifications to the 20399R.S board. As a result, the 30901.S board will work on your system that has the older 20399R.S sequencer board. The age of the board can be a factor in a sequencer board’s demise but other extenuating circumstance such as power surges are typically the more likely culprit. Using a product such as the Woods Garage Door Opener Surge Protector, also available at North Shore Commercial Door, will help protect sequencer boards from being damaged by a power surge. It is recommended that you use this product during and after sequencer board replacements. The Genie sequencer board 20399R is the ideal board for Genie IC series garage door openers as well as other Genie garage door models. If you are not sure about the best sequencer board for your garage door opener, you should contact Genie Company technical support staff. After you receive the product number for the board, return to North Shore Commercial Door Co. to buy the board at a price that is among the lowest in the industry.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: It's compatible with my model. by Gil W 8/26/2013
COMMENT: Genie troubleshooters suggested it for the intermittent failure problem that I'm having. BTW, it made no difference. by Edgar E 5/10/2013
QUESTION: Hello I have a 9 yo Overhead Door phantom model 777cd. I need a control board will this one work It looks exactly the same as the one I removed. The part number on my board is by Frank G 2/2/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Look for a white sticker on the relay of your old board. There may be two numbers listed. Type one number at a time into the search box on our website until your part comes up. If you need any further assistance feel free to call 800-783-6112 by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Frank<br /><br />I worked on this over a year ago. What I remember was many of these board look alike, but they have to be the exact same part number to work. Unless Genie tells you the board will interchange.<br /><br />Search online for an owner's manual for your unit and it may help. I believe you have 3 boards in there. North Shore asks to not include links to other stores below, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding the manual. It should list all 3 board part numbers.<br /><br />North Shore was very helpful and I would do business with them again.<br /><br />Hope this helps. by John G a
QUESTION: my garage door opens few inches then stop and goes back down then does not work it keeps humming pls advise why yr help thanks , god bless you by michael i 8/29/2013
ANSWER: Michael<br /><br />I'm a handyman, not a professional door installer. I would suggest two options.<br /><br />1. Check your limit switches. Maybe even temporarily bypass them be ready to cut popwer to see if that's your issue.<br /><br />2. Call Genie's help line. They were very helpful for me, and may have your answer right off.<br /><br />Good luck,<br /><br />John by John G a
STAFF ANSWER: Please call 800-275-6187 for trouble shooting. They can also verify the correct replacement board number for your system. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: our door has failed completely : no power at all. Wall switch doesn't light up and motor doesnt turn. no clicking sounds when switching anything.<br />I have confirmed power from the ac outlet.<br />It looks like 2 resistors have burnt out on the board : the fat 3 ohm and the the thinner 7.3 ohm next to it.<br />Wondering what other checks I can do to make sure it is indeed this board that has failed? by None N 6/2/2013
STAFF ANSWER: You could call a service tech out, but they will just say the board needs replace first. That is what it sounds like though. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: were do you check the model # ? by None N 2/8/2013
ANSWER: On the back of the door opener head unit, near the limit switches. This is the model # of the door opener.<br /><br />The sequencer board should has a sticker on the board, maybe on a relay, with the part number of the board.<br /><br />Make sure to get the exact board part # or it won't work. by John G a
ANSWER: open up the light cover by R H a