Genie 36448C.S ReliaG 600 Garage Door Opener Control Board

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Genie ReliaG 600 garage door opener owners who need to replace the control board on their systems can look to North Shore Commercial Door Co. for low priced Genie replacement boards. ReliaG 600 garage door openers use the 36448C.S model control board, aboard that is also applicable to Genie models 1022, 1042, Chain Lift and Belt Lift DC Chain or Belt Drive residential garage door operators. In addition to the renowned Genie quality, this board is easy to install. You will not need to hire a professional garage door installer to replace the Genie 36844C control board. The only tools that are needed for this replacement project are Phillips Head screwdriver and a small common screwdriver. When beginning this or any repair project on your garage door opener, the first and possibly most important step is to remove the power supply to the device. Once you remove the lens cover on the garage door opener, you will remove the wall control, photocell and control board wires from the old circuit board and the remove the old control board. You will then position the new 36448C.S control board in place and reconnect all of the wiring. After the new circuit board is installed, you will need to reconnect the power source, reset force adjustments and limit switch positions as detailed in the owner’s manual for the garage door opener and program the remote control. After this you will be able to reconnect the wall control wires and replace the rear lens cover. This completes the installation process and your garage door opener should operate like new.