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Genie 36600R 34019R 20424S Excelerator Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board

Genie 36600R 34019R 20424S Excelerator Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board
Genie 36600R 34019R 20424S Excelerator Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board
Genie 36600R 34019R 20424S Excelerator Garage Door Opener Sequencer Board
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This item is discontinued.
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Genie 36600R.S Excelerator Garage Door Opener Control Board 390 Mhz
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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door Co. is your home for Genie garage door replacement parts such as this Genie Excelerator 36600R sequencer board. This board is designed for use on all Genie Excelerator garage door openers and is compatible with Genie DC screw drive models PRO99, CMD9900 and H8000. This 36600R model replaces older Genie 34019R sequencer board models. The Genie Excelerator line of garage door openers is designed for the quiet opening of garage doors and the super-duty DC motors on these openers allows for easy opening of larger garage doors. If you have a Genie Excelerator garage door opener that is not functioning properly, the problem may lie with a faulty or burned out sequencer board. Installing a new board is not too difficult and can be completed by novice do-it-yourselfers. If your old sequencer board has a model number of 34019R, this new replacement Genie controller board 36600R will fit perfectly in your Excelerator garage door opener. If you are unsure about the ideal replacement board for your opener you can contact Genie Company technical support directly and they will provide the model number for the circuit board that you need. Once you get this number, you can find your product at North Shore Commercial Door Co. by entering the product number into the search field on the website.

•Model number 36600R.S is compatible with model numbers 36600R, 34019R, 34019R.S and 20424S

•DC screw drive controller board

•Sequencer board is designed for all Genie Excelerator garage door openers

•Compatible with Genie DC screw drive models PRO99, CMD9900 and H8000

•Compatible with Overhead Door model 990 Overdrive

•Original Genie manufactured replacement part

•One year manufacturer warranty

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: mine is not working... need a new one by William W 10/3/2017
COMMENT: because i need it by Tommy N 8/27/2017
QUESTION: I have a Genie Pro Stealth. GPS 1200IC. I have ordered the Sequencer Board #30901S 20399R.S but still have problems with the door so I figured I would get the only other Board and wanted make sure that this is for my model?? by M P 5/17/2014
STAFF ANSWER: What are the symptons ? You probably have bad safety sensors or something , If the circuit board was put in and the machine actually works even though still having issues then you probably have the right board but just some other issue going on. by Matthew O a
REPLY: The problem was that when I went to open the door sometimes it wouldn't open, I talked to Geni on the phone and they told me that it would be one of the circuit boards so I bought from you the 20399R.S and replaced it, it worked better than before but still has the same problem when I go to open the door. Geni told me that the problem was in one of the boards but couldn't tell which one. Thats why I need to know what the other board number is by M P r
QUESTION: I have a GPS 1200IC unit and wanted to make sure that this board is what I needed ? by M P 5/17/2014
ANSWER: Call Genie and supply them with all your information of your unit. They will tell you which board you need. by Mark G a
QUESTION: I need a replacement board for the original board, 34018A, that came with my system which they don't make anymore. What is the replacement part number? by L H 1/16/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Please call 800-275-6187 for verification of the proper replacement part number. That is the genie tech line, type the part number they give you into the search box of our website to buy cheaper. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Genie lists this as part # 36600R.S notice the ".S" so are you selling an older model of this board or are you supplying this as a .S replacement or is there another board for the .S designation/revision? by Phil P 10/31/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Correct. by Matthew O a