Genie 36428R.S Excelerator Garage Door Opener Motor Drive Board

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If the lights on your Genie Excelerator garage door opener suddenly stop working, it may be an issue with the internal motor drive board. This is a much easier and more affordable fix than it may seem, especially if you purchase the Genie 36428R.S Excelerator Motor Drive Board from North Shore Commercial Door. This high quality board comes straight from the Genie manufacturer itself, and it is often a solution to many of the most common in-home garage door opener issues.

While it can be difficult to choose the correct replacement board for your model of garage door opener and your specific issue, North Shore Commercial Door's helpful customer service team is always on hand to help you to decide. Simply give us a call to see if the Genie 36428R.S Excelerator Motor Drive Board is the correct part for your specific unit.
  • Works with Genie Excelerator Models ISD, H800, Pro99, and CMD990 Manufactured after August 2009